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Favorite bands: Thulcandra, Twisted Tower Dire, Amon Amarth, Accept, Klabautamann, Be'lakor, Ikuinen Kaamos, De Profundis, Immortal, In Solitude, Iron Maiden, King Of Asgard, Mercyful Fate, My Dying Bride, Opeth, King Diamond, Slough Feg, Agalloch, Kalmah, Ne Obliviscaris, Daylight Dies, Bruce Dickinson, In Mourning, Skeletonwitch, Primordial, Hexen, Vektor

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  2015 Thulcandra - Ascension Lost
  2015 My Dying Bride - Feel The Misery
  2016 Omnium Gatherum - Grey Heavens
  2013 Omnium Gatherum - Beyond
  2011 Omnium Gatherum - New World Shadows
  2008 Omnium Gatherum - The Redshift
  2007 Omnium Gatherum - Stuck Here On Snakes Way
  2004 Omnium Gatherum - Years In Waste
  2003 Omnium Gatherum - Spirits And August Light
  2016 Witherscape - The Northern Sanctuary

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