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Favorite bands: Nahemah, In Vain, Lazarus A.D., Catamenia, Faith No More, Borknagar, Be'lakor, Sentenced, In Mourning, In Flames, Slayer, Masterplan, Jorn, Chain Reaction, Dimmu Borgir, Melechesh, Sodom, Omnium Gatherum, Hatesphere, Arkan, Orphaned Land, Clutch, Fleshgod Apocalypse, The Morningside, Wolverine, Ghost Brigade, 40 Watt Sun, Warning, Textures, Nightrage, Pain Of Salvation, Machine Head, Anthrax, Opeth, Anathema, Dream Theater, The Answer, Cradle Of Filth, Graveworm, Hypocrisy, Black Sun Aeon, Burzum, Megadeth, My Dying Bride, Evergrey, Type O Negative, Talbot, Insomnium, Six Feet Under, Illnath, Drudkh, Animals As Leaders, Tiamat, Cryptic Wintermoon, Immortal Souls, Windir, Woods Of Ypres, Naglfar, Shade Empire, Swallow The Sun, Alcest, The 11th Hour, Kvelertak, Taake, Lurk, In Loving Memory, Converge, Soulfly, Barren Earth, Awakening Sun, The Man-Eating Tree, The Levitation Hex, Lifelover, Dagoba, Dark Tranquillity, Sons Of Aeon, At The Gates
Favorite album: In Flames - The Jester Race
Favorite movies: Luc Besson movies

Attended events

27.11.2013 LTU, Vilnius - Children Of Bodom: Halo Of Blood Over Europe Tour 2013
12.07.2012 LTU, Anykščiai - Devilstone Open Air 2012
11.04.2011 LTU, Vilnius - Onslaught + Suidakra: Scream For Violence Tour
24.10.2010 LTU, Vilnius - Annihilator
17.08.2010 LTU, Vilnius - Cannibal Corpse
20.04.2010 LTU, Vilnius - Metallica: World Magnetic Tour
05.03.2010 LTU, Vilnius - Rammstein: European Tour
18.03.2009 LTU, Vilnius - Soulfly: European Tour
20.02.2009 LTU, Vilnius - Kreator: Chaos Over Europe Tour 2009
06.09.2008 LTU, Vilnius - Ferrum Rust Fest
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  2014 Insomnium - Shadows Of The Dying Sun
  2014 Awakening Sun - Imbalance
  2007 In Vain - The Latter Rain
  2013 Dagoba - Post Mortem Nihil Est
  2013 Dark Tranquillity - Construct
  2013 Talbot - Scaled
  2013 In Vain - Ænigma
  2012 Enslaved - RIITIIR
  2012 Mors Principium Est - ...And Death Said Live
  2011 Awakening Sun - Sold Out

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