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Favorite bands: Abnormal Thought Patterns, Above Symmetry, Abstract, Abydos, Adagio, Adamantra, Adramelch, Aeon Zen, After Forever, Age Of Nemesis, Aina, Alkemyst, Alpine Fault, Ancient Prophecy, Andromeda, Angra, Animations, Anthriel, Anthropia, Anubis Gate, Appearance Of Nothing, Arcane, Archetype, Arena, The Arkitecht, Artension, Arwen, Asemic, Asperity, Astra, Asylum Pyre, Asymmetry, Aura, The Aurora Project, Auspex, Autumn Hour, Auvernia, Ayreon, Azure Agony, Balance Of Power, Before Eden, Beyond Twilight, Black Fate, Blotted Science, Canvas Solaris, Caravellus, Casual Silence, Circus Maximus, Cloudscape, The Codex, Complex 7, Conquering Dystopia, Consortium Project, Cønstantine, Contemplator, Continuo Renacer, Control Denied, Creation's End, Crimson Tears, Crises, Cynthesis, Daedalus, Dakesis, Dante, Dark Quarterer, Darkwater, Defecto, Delta, Deus X Machina, DGM, Dimension, Disforia, Disperse, Divided Multitude, Divine Ascension, Division By Zero, Dominici, Dream Theater, Dreamlost, Dreamscape, Dreyelands, Dryade, Dynamic Lights, Dyscordia, Earthside, Ebony Ark, Echoes, Echoes Of Eternity, Eclipse Hunter, Elegy, Eleven Strings, Empty Tremor, Epiclore, Epysode, Eternity X, Eternity's End, Ethereal Architect, Ethernity, Eumeria, Exhibition, Fates Warning, Firestorm, Forcentury, Gates Of Winter, Ghost Ship Octavius, Guilt Machine, Haken, Halcyon Way, Harmony, Headline, Helion, Highlight Kenosis, Hourglass, Hourswill, Icycore, Infinita Symphonia, Infinite Horizon, Innosense, Intervals, Ivanhoe, Ivory Tower, Juvaliant, Khallice, Kingcrow, Labyrinth, Lanfear, Last Tribe, Last Warning, Legenda Aurea, Lights Of Nightmares, Liquid Tension Experiment, Lost In Thought, Magnitude 9, Malpractice, Manticora, Mastermind, Masterplan, Mechanical Poet, Mendel, Merrow, Mind Key, Mind Odyssey, Mindflow, Mind's Eye, Mirrormaze, Nightingale, Nova Art, Oblique Rain, Oceans Of Night, Oceans Of Time, Odd Dimension, Odyssey, Ora Nombro, Outworld, Pagan's Mind, Pantommind, Pathosray, Poverty's No Crime, Prototype, The Prowlers, Psycrence, Pyramaze, Rage Of Romance, Red Circuit, Redemption, Renaissense, Rendezvous Point, Ride The Sky, Ring Of Fire, Rising Storm, Sandalinas, Scale The Summit, Section A, Seven Seraphim, Seventh Wonder, Shadow Gallery, The Shadow Theory, Shadowkeep, Shaman, Sieges Even, Signum Regis, Silent Call, Silent Force, Silent Memorial, Silent Voices, Silver Lake, Solid Vision, Sons Of Seasons, Soul Secret, Southern Cross, Space Odyssey, Sphere Of Souls, Spheric Universe Experience, Spiral Architect, Star One, Status Minor, Subsignal, Sun Caged, Sunburst, Superior, Suspyre, Symakya, Symphony X, Tad Morose, Tears Of Anger, Teramaze, Thalion, Theocracy, Threshold, Time Machine, Time Requiem, Tomorrow's Eve, Transcending Mortality, Triosphere, Twelfth Gate, Twinspirits, Twisted Into Form, Valley's Eve, Vanden Plas, Vandroya, Vanishing Point, Veda, Venturia, Viathyn, Vitriol, Vougan, Vox Tempus, Voyager, Warmen, Wind Rose, Wingdom, Witchbreed, Xystus, Zero Hour, Zierler
Personal text: Acts 2:38


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