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Favorite bands: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Opeth, Marillion, Yes, Jason Becker, Avantasia, Flogging Molly, Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree, Rush, Dire Straits, Midnight, Pink Floyd, Riverside, Tool, Hail Spirit Noir, Major Parkinson, Agalloch, God Is An Astronaut, Wo Fat, Tantara, Mgła, Inquisition, Winterfylleth, Camel, Mars Red Sky, The Quartet Of Woah!, Baroness, Sorcier Des Glaces, Midnight Priest
Favorite album: Opeth's "Damnation"
Favorite song: Pink Floyd's "Fearless"
Favorite movies: Amores Perros; Braveheart; LOTR Trilogy; Goodfellas; Rounders; Terminator 2; Taxi Driver; Almost Famous; A Beautiful Mind; This Is Spinal Tap; Batman - The Dark Knight; Pulp Fiction; The Big Lebowsky; We Were Soldiers; Star Wars 1st Trilogy; Shawshank
Favorite books: The Thran - J. Robert King; The Brother's War - Jeff Grubb; Glass Prison - Monte Cook; The Bible - a bunch of lunatics; Kraven's Last Hunt - J.M. DeMatteis; Old Man Logan - Mark Millar; The Boys - Garth Ennis
Personal text: Much can be said about me, but What I like to tell people is that I am a true and self-taught incapable artist of the wide-vast Unknown. Not really sure what all this means, there's always the possibility it's just a large ammount of feces produced by a gigantic bovine.

Music has been pretty much a big part of my life since I remember. My mom used to listen to ABBA, The Beatles and the really melodic groups of 70's Psychadelic/Progressive era. My dad kind of had an "Heavier" taste, which led to a couple of his friends becoming just general family friends, which led to me listening to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest on a really early age of my life. Was so early that I honestly dont recall the first time I've listened to it.

I like my Metal Melodic and agressive, but not extreme. I can dig into classic Death Metal but anything heavier than that its just too much for me. Thrash and Heavy are my fav. genres, and was a big Power fan from 04 to 06. Also love Prog Rock and Post Rock.

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  2005 Inepsy - City Weapons
  2003 Inepsy - Rock 'n' Roll Babylon
  1984 Cirith Ungol - King Of The Dead  | 7
  1984 Spartan Warrior - Spartan Warrior [Vinyl]
  1985 Warrant - First Strike [EP vinyl]
  1986 Griffin - Protectors of the Lair
  1985 Griffin - Flight Of the Griffin [Vinyl]
  1985 Atomkraft - Future Warriors [Vinyl]
  2013 Artillery - Legions  | 7
  2011 Artillery - My Blood  | 7
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