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Title: Proglord
Favorite bands: Dream Theater, Opeth, Persefone, Rush, Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Edge Of Sanity, Vanden Plas, Ayreon, Symphony X, Redemption, Pagan's Mind, Kamelot, Anathema, Katatonia, Haken, Sieges Even, Karnivool, Shadow Gallery, Royal Hunt, Death, Savage Circus, Rage, The Gathering, Therion, Virgin Steele, Seventh Wonder, Threshold, Angra, Savatage, Evergrey, Fates Warning, Circus Maximus, Beyond Twilight, Emperor, Riverside, Bloodbath, Myrath, Be'lakor, Gojira, Zero Hour, Epysode, Communic, Cloudscape, Transatlantic, Spock's Beard, Adagio, Anubis Gate, Nevermore, Devin Townsend, Tad Morose, Moonspell, Paradise Lost, Leprous, Tool, Insomnium, In Mourning, Isis, Pendragon, IQ, Arena, Marillion, Dark Tranquillity, Septicflesh, Orphaned Land, Rainbow, Amorphis, Subsignal, Genesis, Enslaved, King Crimson, Yes, Rishloo, Soen, Witherscape, Caligula's Horse, Dredg, Beardfish, Subterranean Masquerade, Porcupine Tree, Before The Dawn, Pantommind, Andromeda, Kingcrow, Voyager, Omnium Gatherum, W.A.S.P., Darkwater, The Ocean, Arcane, Mono, Gazpacho, Votum, Zierler, Galahad, Magic Pie, Headspace, Demons And Wizards, Noumena, Avantasia, Edguy, In Vain, Ihsahn, Dissona, Suspyre, Wolverine, Pain Of Salvation, Pyramaze, Persuader, Long Distance Calling, Pelican, Eumeria
Favorite album: Brave New World
Favorite song: The Thin Line Between Love and Hate
Personal text: I like many different kinds of music. My favorite genres would be metal (especially progressive, power, death), but also some softer tunes like progressive/art rock and jazz.

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29.05.2016 | 100% FRA, Paris - Haken: European Tour 2016
10.08.2016 | 100% CZE, Jaroměř - Brutal Assault 2016
18.10.2016 | 100% FRA, Paris - Katatonia: Fallen Hearts Of Europe 2016
04.11.2016 | 100% FRA, Paris - Enslaved: Spinning Wheel Ritual - Europe 2016

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  2002 Dark Tranquillity - Damage Done
  2007 Opeth - The Roundhouse Tapes [Live]
  2009 Long Distance Calling - Avoid The Light
  2000 The Gathering - If_Then_Else
  1993 Threshold - Wounded Land
  2016 Avantasia - Ghostlights
  2016 Fleshgod Apocalypse - King
  2000 Spock's Beard - V
  2006 The Gathering - Home
  1999 Dan Swanö - Moontower

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