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Favorite bands: Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Bloodbath, Children Of Bodom, Dark Tranquillity, Death, Dimmu Borgir, Draconian, Epica, Hypocrisy, I, Immortal, In Flames, Judas Priest, Kalmah, Leaves' Eyes, Liva, Motörhead, Novembers Doom, Opeth, Queensrÿche, Quo Vadis, Scar Symmetry, Skid Row, Slayer, Theatre Of Tragedy, Therion, Tvangeste, W.A.S.P., Diabulus In Musica, Raventale, Doom:VS, Black Sun Aeon, Swallow The Sun, After Forever, Agathodaimon, Amorphis, Alestorm, Annihilator, Anthrax, Anvil, Barren Earth, Behemoth, Be'lakor, Dark The Suns, Dawn Of Tears, Delain, Demonaz, Insomnium, Dominia, Echoes Of Eternity, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Graveworm, Isole, Mors Principium Est, Mortemia, Naglfar, Ne Obliviscaris, Nevermore, Nightwish, Nile, Officium Triste, Old Man's Child, Saturnus, Sirenia, Summoning, Thy Art Is Murder, Cryptopsy, Septicflesh, Moonsorrow, The Agonist
Favorite album: Too many!
Favorite song: Too many!


  2010 Mortemia - Misere Mortem
  2009 The Few Against Many - Sot
  2005 Novembers Doom - The Pale Haunt Departure
  2002 Sirenia - At Sixes And Sevens
  2007 Imperia - Queen Of Light
  2005 Draconian - Arcane Rain Fell
  2009 Be'lakor - Stone's Reach
  1988 Yngwie Malmsteen - Odyssey
  1998 Rhapsody Of Fire - Symphony Of Enchanted Lands
  2004 Quo Vadis - Defiant Imagination

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