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Favorite bands: Salem, Krux, Opeth, Dissection, Esoteric, Moss, Vintersorg, Andromeda, Isacaarum, Darkthrone, Dismember, Grave, Virgin Black, Slayer, Ayreon, Mayhem, God Among Insects, Bloodbath, Vomitory, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Lifelover, Morgana Lefay, Carcass, Unleashed, Shining, Immortal, Akercocke, Nile, Sunn O))), Thyrfing, Therion, Riverside, Porcupine Tree, Drudkh, One Man Army And The Undead Quartet, The Ruins Of Beverast, Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower, Pig Destroyer, Impaled, Rotten Sound, Blöod Düster, Disgorge [Mex], Behemoth, Obituary, Necrophagist, Decapitated, Summoning, Burzum, Bathory, Arcturus, Gorgoroth, Marduk, Ulver, Catamenia, Visceral Bleeding, Suffocation, Necrophobic, Entombed, Guilt Machine, Alchemist, Borknagar, Bal-Sagoth, Before The Dawn, Brutal Truth, Weakling, Capharnaum, Extreme, The Berzerker, Domain, Civilization One, Cephalic Carnage, Beyond Twilight, Obsydian, Mares Of Thrace, Grand Magus, Regurgitate, Cattle Decapitation, Battle Of Mice, Orphanage, Red Harvest, Grand Alchemist, Nasum, Fen, Procession, Rompeprop, Junius, Desultory, Haken, Mastodon, Fair To Midland, Steven Wilson, Isole, Leng Tch'e, Asphyx, Jesu, Kvelertak, Myrath, Lurk, Deftones, The Arkitecht, Monolithe, Soen, Klone, Raised Fist, Be'lakor, In The Silence, Gojira, Woods Of Ypres, Svart, Kylesa, Nolentia, God Is An Astronaut, Skogen, Uriah Heep, Lascaille's Shroud, Sportlov, Jambinai, Mandrake, Beardfish, Antimatter
Favorite album: Opeth - Morningrise
Favorite song: Opeth - Black rose immortal
Favorite movies: Forest Gump, Crank, The Wrestler, Ace Ventura - Pet Detective, Bubble Boy, Eastern Promises, Lock,Stock And Two Smoking Barrels
Favorite books: Niklas Krog - Den Stora Fredens Krig and everything with David Eddings
Personal text: im sick, period

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05.06.2013 SWE, Sölvesborg - Sweden Rock Festival 2013
05.12.2012 SWE, Stockholm - Opeth: Swedish Heritage Tour 2012
10.11.2012 SWE, Stockholm - Devin Townsend Project & Fear Factory: The Epic Industrialist Tour 201
06.06.2012 SWE, Sölvesborg - Sweden Rock Festival 2012
03.07.2011 SWE, Gothenburg - The Big Four
08.06.2011 SWE, Sölvesborg - Sweden Rock Festival
09.06.2010 SWE, Sölvesborg - Sweden Rock Festival 2010

Collection / Wishlist

  2012 Jambinai - Différance
  2001 Crossbreed - Synthetic Division
  2008 Cynic - Traced In Air
  2010 Barren Earth - Curse Of The Red River
  2006 Golgotha - New Life
  2013 Thyrfing - De Ödeslösa
  2012 Cloudkicker - Fade
  2012 Woods Of Ypres - Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light
  2012 Threshold - March Of Progress
  2007 Threshold - Dead Reckoning

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