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Favorite bands: Aeon, Arckanum, Agathodaimon, Ahab, Amon Amarth, Anubis Gate, Arcturus, Arkona, Bathory, Behemoth, Belphagor, Bloodbath, Book Of Black Earth, Cadaveria, Cadaver Mutilator, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Catamenia, Cattle Decapitation, Dark Fortress, Dark Funeral, Darkthrone, Darkane, Decapitated, Deicide, Diabolical Masquerade, Dimmu Borgir, Dissection, EMPEROR, EVOL, Finntrol, Graveworm, Grimfist, Hecate Enthroned, Ihsahn, Immolation, Immortal, Imperial Omen, Kalmah, Kamelot, Krisuin, Lord Belial, Manegarm. Martriden, Melechesh Mystical Fullmoon, Meshuggah, Mirrorthrone, Moonspell, Morbid Angel, My Dying Bride, Naglfar, Necrophagist, Nevermore, Nightwish(Tarja), Nile, Natrium, Norther(Petri), Novembre, Old Man's Child, Opera IX(Cadaveria), Opeth, Paradise Lost
Personal text: I am female vocalist for a band called "Imperial Omen" we are a dual vocal black and death metal band hailing out of San Francisco! Please give us your metal love at the following addresses: or Thank you and hope to see you soon at a show! Spread our plague!!!!!!!!!