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Favorite bands: Nightwish, Type O Negative, Iron Maiden, Amon Amarth, Ensiferum, Agalloch, Alcest, Alestorm, Arkona, At The Gates, Bonded By Blood, Carnivore, Cross Examination, Dark Tranquility, Death, Diamond Plate, Draconian, Dr. Living Dead!, Earthless, Elderwind, Eluveitie, Epica, Equilibrium, Falchion, Falkenbach, Finntroll, Forefather, Folkearth, Fueled By Fire, Gorgorath, Haggard, Havok, Heidevolk, Hexen, Iced Earth, Iron Reagan, Kalmah, Korpiklaani, Kvelertak, Lich King, Moonsorrow, Municipal Waste, Norther, November's Doom, Oathbreaker, An Open Letter, Opeth, Powerwolf, Shade Empire, Slayer, Sonata Arctica, Starkill, Stormlord, Stormtroopers Of Death, Saor, Shape Of Despair, Stream Of Passion, Summoning, Therion, Toxic Holocaust, Turisas, Tyr, Vektor, Violator, Warbringer, Wintersun, Woods Of Ypres
Favorite song: Last of the Wilds -Nightwish
Favorite movies: Braveheart
Favorite books: All books from Song of Ice and Fire series
Personal text: I'm a 28 year old, high school social studies teacher who has loved metal since I was in middle school. I'm always looking to find new bands and styles. Currently, my favorite genres are Folk and Thrash, but I've been getting into more atmospheric and doomy stuff lately. I try and listen to different albums based on the weather, as I think it enhances the listening experience. I did vocals for the band War Saw, and I also play drums. I've been to more shows than I can count but I still need to go to some more. I believe the beautiful thing about music is that everybody is entitled to their own opinion and no one is wrong. Sure, you may disagree with someone's taste, but that's alright. Don't be a prick and rip on someone for the bands they like. That's an ignorant and poisonous attitude to have. Feel free to shoot me a message if you like.


  2017 Ensiferum - Two Paths
  2015 Korpiklaani - Noita
  1993 Death - Individual Thought Patterns
  2014 Alcest - Shelter
  2017 Eluveitie - Evocation II - Pantheon
  2017 Wintersun - The Forest Seasons
  2013 Fleshgod Apocalypse - Labyrinth
    Earthless - From the Ages
  2016 Oathbreaker - Rheia
    Iron Reagan - The Tyrany of Will
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