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Favorite album: Fuck.. its a toss-up between Slayer - Reign In Blood and Enslaved - Ruun.
Favorite song: Get back to me on that one when I'm on my deathbed...
Favorite movies: Don't watch alot these days but Hot Fuzz is the best one ever.. then theres Downfall, The Lord Of The Rings, Blues Brothers, Crash, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Actors, The Shining and more...
Favorite books: I know I probably should read more but it's not something I do alot, unless its those boring-as-hell books used in my collage course.. I have gazed through the usual suspects...The Da Vinci Code, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter.. *hangs head in shame
Personal text: Preferably I don't want this machine to know anything else about me... but I will tell you that I immersed myself in general metal music as a means of escape from the shit-fuelled ass-gravy (disgused in the term of "music") which has clogged, and continues to clog, up our tv sets, radio stations and other corners of life. You know who the offenders are. Anyway, I remeber being vaugely interested in the heavy rock genre for quite some time, but that was before I gave Machine Head's "Through The Ashes Of Empires" a listen... and lets just say it was the most (and probably only) religious experience of my life. From then on, I explored further the metal genre (along with its subdivsions in death, black, ambient, thrash, progressive, folk, pagan, ect.) and haven't looked back. My love for music in general has grown more with evrey year, but for me, metal will always remain my highest preference and produce the songs which I go back to and care for the most.


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