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Favorite bands: Horricane, Loits, Satyricon, In Flames, Nirvana, Dimmu Borgir, Novembers Doom, Deathstars, Draconian, Wintersun, Sirenia, Drudkh, Slumber, Samael, Forest Of Shadows, Swallow The Sun, Amorphis, Lake Of Tears, Tiamat, Thyrfing, Behemoth, Terhen, Moonspell, Shape Of Despair, Ahab, Rammstein, Slayer, Marduk, Naglfar, Candlemass, Gojira, Deftones, Sonata Arctica, The Angelic Process, Epica, Riverside, Machine Head, Fields Of The Nephilim, Agalloch, Beseech, Kataklysm, The Disciples Of Zoldon, Cannibal Corpse, Trees Of Eternity
Favorite album: Dimmu Borgir - Stormblast
Favorite song: Wintersun - Death and the Healing
Favorite movies: LOTR, Matrix, Cube
Personal text: I yearn for knowledge and am trying to become the ultra-mighty overlord of the smart geeks... No, seriously, I just want to know all there is to know about some subjects of interest to me.

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