Thy Disease - Biography



The band Thy Disease was created in 1999 in Krakow Poland and in December of that year recorded a 4-song mini-CD entitled "Art of Decadence". This CD quickly became well known in the Polish metal underground due to the positive reviews it received from the music press. "Art of Decadence" contained a cover of Madonna's "Frozen" that included vocals performed by Anna Wojtkowiak of the band Centuria. Also in December of '99, Thy Disease won second prize in the "Metal-Millenium Party" contest for new talents in Krakow.

Within the following months Thy Disease was supporting fellow Polish band Vader and continuing their success. That September the band recorded a promo tape that included 2 new tracks: "Cursed" and "Crushing the Soul". Then in April of 2001 the cover of "Frozen" hit ..2 on Radiostacia's "Rotten Ten".

Next the band composed the rest of the material for their debut LP. Shortly following this composition period the band solidified a deal with polish metal label Metal Mind Productions. The contract from this deal guaranteed the publishing of 3 LP's from Thy Disease. With the tracks already written, the band went straight into the studio in August of 2001 to record their debut LP "Devilish Act of Creation". The LP is distributed throughout Europe and also in Japan, the US and Canada.

Come the end of 2001, Thy Disease was awarded "best polish debut metal group" by the readers of Metal Hammer Magazine. They received similar awards by Mystic Art and Trashem'All where they were 5th and 6th respectively.

Then, in March of 2002, Thy Disease performed at Poland's largest metal festival "Metalmaina" alongside bands like: Paradise Lost, Cannibal Corpse, Moonspell, Tiamat, and Flowing Tears. Shortly after, in May of 2002, drummer Pinoccio left the band and new drummer Alizee666 stepped up to the drum throne.

With their new drummer the band recorded it's second LP entitled "Cold Skin Obsession". This album did just as well, if not better, than "Devilish Act" and is distributed in the same countries as its predecessor. Then the band played a concert at Krakow television studio Krzemionki with Vader, Krisiun and Decapitated. Thy Disease's performance from this concert was caught on tape and released on DVD as "Extreme Obsession Live".

Finally, in May of 2004, Thy Disease released it's 3rd LP, "Neurotic World of Guilt". Now with growing popularity, Thy Disease is set to infect an even wider audience!