Highlight Kenosis - Biography

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Highlight Kenosis is a progressive metal band founded in 12th of March 2008 by Matei-Damian Ulmu, the leader of the band and Oana Maria Stoica. After a lot of journeys in Europe trying to find the best place for culture and rock music, Matei and Oana decided to settle in Köln (Colony).

They record their albums in Sweden (Blueflame Productions-Uppsala), promote the band in England (Ravenheart Music-London) and live and work in Germany. They released the albums Glowing in 2009, Change in 2012, produced 3 official videos (''A Drop Of You'', ''It Wasn't Love'' and ''Flying Machine''), played on the same stage with Glenn Hughes-Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and had a lot of concerts, TV and radio shows, staying for months in rock-radio charts with ''A Drop Of You'' and ''It Wasn't Love''.

In 2011 Highlight Kenosis signed a contract with Ravenheart Music-promoting female fronted rock and metal music and now Matei is composing and orchestrating the third album while Oana is writing the lyrics.

(Source: MySpace)