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22.09 Aosoth - Share New Album Details And First Single
French black metallers Aosoth will release their new album, V: The Inside Scriptures, on November 17th via Agonia Records. You can now listen to the first new track, "Her Feet Upon The Earth, Blooming The Fruits Of Blood", below.Read more

A Hundred Albums? Part 4
by Darkside Momo | 15.09
Fourth article already? Well, let's tackle some proggy and avant-gardish stuff this time.
A Hundred Albums? Part 3
by Darkside Momo | 16.08
With this, the third installment of my 'A Hundred Albums' series, I decided to go all Too Extreme!

70000 Tons Of Metal 2018

USA, Fort Lauderdale, FL (Independence Of The Seas)
01-05 February 2018

Cannibal Corpse
Dark Tranquillity
Staff pick

Process Of Guilt - Black Earth

Black Earth is a great opening salvo for what promises to be an awesome last 100 days of 2017 for \m/. An unrelentingly heavy assault that is a fine tuning of their approach which sounds like an organic Streetcleaner. Process Of Godflesh anyone?
Picked by: BitterCOld
Thumbs up: Daniell
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