Sannhet - Revisionist
Review by tea[m]ster
An American band that plays good black metal? There are not many, and even though Sannhet orchestrates what certainly can be labeled as "hipster" black metal (had to say it), they are pretty unique in that they have no vocals. Think Deafheaven, Altar Of Plagues or Regarde Les Hommes Tomber but without the desolate, shrieking and chthonic black metal singing.


Gruesome - Savage Land
Review by deadone
There are probably a few Death fans out there who lament that the band switched to more progressive pastures far too quickly and who believe the band should have churned out a few more Leprosy's instead. Now these fans have their wish come true in the form of Gruesome's Leprosy worshipping debut Savage Land.


King Parrot - Dead Set
Review by Doc Godin
Honestly, looking at the name, you couldn't fault someone for thinking this is another one of those Municipal Waste side projects, which doesn't set the highest expectations. Don't get me wrong, Cannabis Corpse and Iron Reagan are both good fun, but ultimately a bit disposable. King Parrot meets some expectations and blows away others.


Arena - The Unquiet Sky
Review by Ivor
Turns out it's not easy to come up with an apt description for the new Arena album. I've spent quite some time searching for a phrase that would round up my ongoing journey with The Unquiet Sky. Until recently I could only think of something being off about this one. Now, finally, I've concluded that unremarkable grower sums it up best. That, and that something is decidedly off about it.


Forgotten Tomb - Hurt Yourself And The Ones You Love
Review by Ag Fox
Forgotten Tomb is a pretty easy band to nail musically. Whether it's their early-Katatonia era worship or the more recent ones which bring some rocking attitude to melodic black metal, and I really like them both even if they're not extremely original.


Porta Nigra - Kaiserschnitt
Review by Apothecary
Alright, so we have album artwork of a weasel-looking thing, wearing a general's uniform and looking coked out of its mind, biting into a bleeding globe. I wouldn't put my money on it, but using the simple human power of deduction, I'd say that means we're in for a wild ride.


Fistula - Destitute [Demo]
Review by Apothecary
Ohio's Fistula are an example of a band whose name goes perfectly hand in hand with the attitude of their music. Like the abnormal and harmful organ connections for which they are named, these guys are purveyors of grime and are all about the nastiness: eating, drinking, and bathing in it. 2015's Destitute is certainly no exception to this, and proves that although the band aren't changing up their formula anytime soon, they really don't need to.


Noisem - Blossoming Decay
Review by deadone
On Blossoming Decay, Noisem play really angry death/thrash/grind music. Why are they angry? Is it the destruction of the environment, the implosion of the middle east, the replacement of human values with mindless consumerism? Or is it because they play mindlessly angry death/thrash/grind music?


Slayer - Announce New Album Title And Release Date 22.05

Thrashers Slayer finally revealed more about their new album. It already has a title and a release date. In a video, the band confirmed that Repentless is the title of the 12-track album and it's coming out via Nuclear Blast Records on September 11th, curiously enough. The title came about after a song inspired by late guitarist Jeff Hanneman. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Children Of Bodom - Check In From The Studio 22.05

Finnish metallers Children Of Bodom are currently busy recording ten new tracks for the band's forthcoming 9th album release in their own studio in Helsinki. The band took some time out to report from the recording desk and give fans an update on the sessions. You can watch the update on the video below. The other important announcement is that the yet-untitled album is scheduled for a fall 2015 release via Nuclear Blast. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Dalriada - Announce New Album, Summer Tour And More 22.05

It is going to be a hell of a summer for Hungarian folk metallers, Dalriada. At the moment, the band has about 18 gigs scheduled in 6 different countries. In July and September, Dalriada will bring out two new albums! The first one will be only available as an addition to the July/August issue of the Hungarian Metal Hammer. This will be a "best of" album, entitled Mesék, Álmok, Regék ("Tales, Dreams, Legends") with acoustic versions of older songs, guest singers, and other interesting treats. In September, the band's new album will be out, entitled... (by Kallis Helmi)   Read more ››
Attomica - Vocalist Alex Rangel Dies 22.05

Brazilian thrashers Attomica have revealed that their lead singer Alex Rangel has died unexpectedly after a motorcycle accident. He succumbed to the serious injuries sustained in the accident. The band is in grief and deep pain right now. He was very young and died at age 35. (by Bad English)   Read more ››
Bolt Thrower - Set To Return To Australia After 22 Years 22.05

British death metal titans Bolt Thrower will be returning to Australia for the first time in 22 years, to play the Black Conjuration Fest, and some selected club shows. Australian outlaws Cauldron Black Ram will be joining us as national support, with other local support coming from Portal, Cruciform, Inverloch and Beyond Mortal Dreams. Confirmed dates and venues are available down below. (by Abattoir)   Read more ››
Roadburn Festival 2015 - Day 1: "Get Rekt" 15.05

It's that time again, folks! A month after it's already passed, and a bunch of reviews have already been written about it, your favorite procrastinators Apothecary and Mr. Doctor are once again getting to their four day breakdown of Roadburn Festival. We may be late to the game, but hey guys: you haven't heard the tale of Roadburn until you've heard it from us. So sit back, put your feet up, throw on that guilty pleasure power metal album that no one knows you like, and come along for the ride. (by Apothecary, Mr. Doctor)   Read more ››
Getting Into: Alice Cooper 03.05

Getting Into: Alice Cooper The articles in this series begun by our own Baz Anderson are designed to give a brief overview of a band's entire discography, so as to provide a clear point of entry for the uninitiated. It offers a different approach from the typical review format, for the curious newcomer to a well-traveled band. Alice Cooper Hard rock, heavy metal, glam rock, psychedelic rock, new wave, industrial metal, punk, experimental rock, pop USA It would be impossible to quantify the vast influence that Alice Cooper has had on hard rock and heavy metal. The name originally described... (by ScreamingSteelUS)   Read more ››
Evergrey - Factory, Tallinn, Estonia, 26.03.2015 10.04

Evergrey have been long-awaited guests around these parts. Even though they come from a country so close, it's apparently still a lengthy journey to drop by. To some, Evergrey are a band about 10 years past their prime, but their latest album seems to have gotten the blood flowing again and has gained some good attention. Regardless of the reasons, it was a pleasure to see them hit the stage in Tallinn as part of the Tallinn Music Week festival. (by Ivor)   Read more ››
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Eden Weint Im Grab - Geysterstunde II (2014)

If my eight-year-old mp3-player's battery had died today on my way to work, I wouldn't even have been mad. I followed Eden Weint Im Grab from their very first album on, they were a promising newcomer in the German gothic metal scene and deserved praise in various magazines. Their first two albums are awesome and the poetic non-musical album Der Herbst Des Einsamen has a very strong personal meaning for me. I even liked their last real studio album entitled Geysterstunde I when others did not (it has some good and some bad songs on it). But with its follow up, the second part of Geysterstunde, I feel like the journey is finally over. (by Windrider)   Read more ››

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Scott Columbus left Manowar between "Kings of Metal" and "The Triumph of Steel" to care for his ill son. He rejoined for 1996's "Louder than Hell" along with new guitarist Karl Logan.

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