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21.07 Sabaton - Release Lyric Video
Sabaton have just released the official lyric video for the song "82nd All The Way". It is taken from the band's ninth full-length album, The Great War, which came out a couple of days ago via Nuclear Blast Records. Watch the video now below.Read more

Roadburn 2019, Day 4
by Mr. Doctor, RaduP, Schimodie, Apothecary | 16.07
Good heavens, it has been over a year since your friendly neighborhood Roadburners have harassed you with a series of articles covering the annual four-day shakedown in Tilburg. Life kept us at bay so there was a long delay with our fourth and final article. Hold onto your undergarments, lads and lasses - here we go again!
FRA, Toulouse - Amon Amarth: European Summer Club Tour 2019
by Darkside Momo | 15.07
FRA, Toulouse - Amon Amarth: European Summer Club Tour 2019 In between festival appearances, some bands do tour and play some shows here and there, just like Amon Amarth did in this still blisteringly hot first of July... Yes, blisteringly hot. We were just at the end of the most extreme heat wave to hit Europe in June since forever (or so), so even with air conditioners blowing as much cold air as their could, the Bikini was an oven. And a packed one at that. I'm not sure if they did sold out or not, but there sure were more than a thousand metalheads ready for some Vikings onstage!
Cosmic DMT Black Metal: Exploring Oranssi Pazuzu
by Apothecary | 10.07
Sitting in 2019 looking back on the course of my journey through the metal of this current decade, I have to say that one of the developments I'm happiest to have witnessed has been the slow but steady rise of psychedelic black metal. Once I got my first taste of this "sounds weird on paper but works really great in application" genre fusion, I couldn't have enough, and if there's one band I have to thank for that, it's definitely Oranssi Pazuzu.
Abattoir's Concert Hunt - Round 19 & 20 (Concert Review)
by Abattoir | 05.07
Well, I'm back. After some pause and deserved vacation time, 'Abattoir's Concert Hunt' continues in full swing. The newest issue is here, featuring a review of Vienna Metal Meeting festival (Round 19& 20), with some of the following acts in the line-up: Opeth,
Sólstafir, Unleashed, Rotting Christ, Necrophobic, Urfaust, and so on.
Wait A Minute! This Isn't Metal! - May 2019
by RaduP, musclassia, ScreamingSteelUS, Apothecary | 26.06
We here at Metal Storm pride ourselves on our thousands of metal reviews and interviews and article; metal is our collective soul and passion, which is why we bother with this junk. That being said, we'd be lying if we stuck to our trve-kvlt guns and claimed that metal is the only thing we ever listen to. Whether we want to admit it or not, we do check out some other stuff from time to time; some of us are more poptimistic than others, but there's a whole world out there aside from Satan-worshiping black metal and dragon-slaying power metal. This article series is the place for those artists who don't matter to metal in the slightest (more or less) but still warrant some conversation - after all, good music, is good music, and we all know metal isn't the only thing on this planet for any of us.
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