Revocation - Deathless
Review by Mattybu
Revocation's self-titled album released in 2013 left me thinking two main things. The first being (aside from "Spastic") it was bad, and the second being despite its badness, the people in this band have the potential to drop a cataclysmic shit-wrecking album that would do the thrash and death genres proper justice.


Tengger Cavalry - Ancient Call
Review by Susan
I went looking for some great folk metal since none had yet found me this year. In 2012 I took this same journey and found Wilderun on the unlikely shores of Boston; I have again struck folk metal gold in the equally unlikely city of Beijing.


Khold - Til Endes
Review by Ilham
So decomposed that it starts oozing unidentified fluids, giving off a putrid smell and the insides ready to burst if you press too hard with your finger. That's how I like my French cheese, and that's how I like my Khold.


Usnea - Random Cosmic Violence
Review by Apothecary
With 21 categories and 10 nominees per category for our annual Metal Storm Awards, it's inevitable that some albums are going to go unnoticed. One that may have missed your glance in this past edition was Usnea's self titled debut, a powerhouse of pounding doom, a dynamic black metal touch, and ensnaring atmosphere. Not even two years later, these Americans are back at it yet again, looking to solidify and expand upon their sound, an effort at which they certainly succeed with Random Cosmic Violence.


Into Orbit - Caverns
Review by Xnoybis
Hailing from the land down under… no, not the one with Crocodile Dundee and Men At Work. The other one. The one where all sorts of Hollywood types run around LARPing for the cameras. You know, "Lord of Xena Warrior Princess" stuff.. Oh wow. Train of thought derailed. Oh my god the humanity. So, Into Orbit are from New Zealand, they play post-metal/rock, and Caverns is probably worth your while. Fortunately for my poor eardrums they play...


Jakob - Sines
Review by tea[m]ster
8 years is a hell of a long time between releases, and New Zealand's instrumental post rock/metal band Jakob have pulled off a miraculous comeback. I don't think the band was ever on the brink of dissipating, but the fact is life altering occurrences left many in doubt. Freak injuries to all the band members' hands, public relation snafus and what seemed an insurmountable layoff put the band and their highly anticipated album Sines in between a rock and a hard place. Alas, post-fans will be excited to know Jakob sound mightier than ever, like the band I discovered while they were touring with Isis in 2008.


Krokodil - Nachash
Review by Ilham
Beards. Moustaches. 20 mm gauges. Tattoo sleeves and sleeveless shirts. Total package. But who cares, seriously? I'm not like a certain woman who judges a whole bunch of people based on looks and stereotypes. So far, I've heard a lot about Krokodil because of its line-up, but no one's ever talked about the actual music. Let's fix that right now.


Harmony - Theatre Of Redemption
Review by Susan
Swedish power metallers Harmony invited guest vocalist Daniel Heiman, formerly of such power metal bands as Lost Horizon, Heed, and Crystal Eyes, to bring his formidable talents to Theatre Of Redemption. It's been several years since this voice graced a metal album and his return is no doubt cause for celebration. Such great power metal music can easily be turned to dust by the wrong voice, or conversely, polished to a mirror shine with the right...


Supported event

Dying Fetus: European Tour 2014

France, Toulouse (Le Dynamo)
25 November 2014

Dying Fetus
Staff pick
Cool Cavemen - Funkloric Trip
Frog funk party

You want a party? You've got a party! The French provide and everyone's invited! I believe somewhere there's probably a law of some kind or other against having so much fun on a record. Time to dust off that party sombrero of yours.

Listen to the album at Bandcamp.

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Picked by: Ivor
Thumbs up: Darkside Momo, Fat & Sassy!
Moonspell - Reveal More About New Album 21.11

We already knew that Moonspell's new album would be called Extinct and was going to be released next March 2015 via Napalm Records. Now, the Portuguese metallers have revealed more about this new record. The album will be available on mediabook, jewelcase, special limited deluxe edition and LP (vinyl). Check out the song titles below. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Periphery - Debut New Song 21.11

After revealing the details about their upcoming new releases, Periphery finally give us some music to listen to from Juggernaut. The first song we get to hear is called "The Scourge" which will appear on the Juggernaut: Alpha album. The new album comes after Periphery II: This Time It's Personal which was released back in 2012. Do you like the first song released? (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
To/Die/For - Releasing New Album In 2015, Stream New Single 21.11

After a long silence, To/Die/For just revealed that they are recording demos and writing new songs. So, good news for the fans of the Finns! In fact, the band has already released for streaming their new single "Screaming Birds", which is available now for your listening pleasure below. The band is filming a video for the song today in Helsinki. Regarding the new album, Massacre Records will release their seventh studio album in Europe on May 22nd, 2015. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
UFO - New Album To Be Released In February 21.11

Hard rock legends UFO will finally release a new album! Entitled A Conspiracy Of Stars, the band's new record will drop on February 23rd, 2015 in Europe and March 3rd, 2015 in the U.S. via Steamhammer/SPV. The band consisting of Phil Mogg (vocals), Paul Raymond (keyboards, guitar), Vinnie Moore (guitar), Andy Parker (drums) and Rob De Luca (bass) recorded almost a dozen new songs. As for the cover artwork, you can take a look at it right now. (by Bad English)   Read more ››
Thrashless - Release Lyric Video For New Song 21.11

Gearing up for the release of their new album Cult Of Fear in December, Estonian thrashers Thrashless have released a new lyric video for the new 3-minute track "Total Desolation". Prepare your neck and check it out below. Do you like it? (by Raging Dreamer)   Read more ››
Hedvig Mollestad Trio - Sinilind, Tallinn, Estonia, 25.10.2014 07.11

The less you know, the better it is. This seems to be a recurring pattern with smaller gigs. It holds true that the lower your expectations are for a class act, the more room you have for a pleasant surprise. Even though I didn't go into this instrumental jazz-influenced rock night blindfolded, so to say, I wasn't nearly prepared for a concert this excellent. (by Ivor)   Read more ››
Kruger & Coilguns (+ Nojia and Nesseria) in Toulouse, 22/10/2014 07.11

This report features too much hugs of a rare violence and unrestrained love - reader's discretion is advised. (by Darkside Momo)   Read more ››
Anathema: Satellites Over Toulouse 03.11

Once again, Anathema were great and delivered an excellent show! OK, now that the obvious is out of the way, what else to say? (by Darkside Momo)   Read more ››
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Edenbridge - Solitaire (2010)

Are you willing to leave behind your former self in the quest to reach the uncharted lands of human consciousness? Edenbridge's latest, Solitaire, invites us to dive headstrong into our own emotional whirlwind, to unearth higher levels of beauty by conquering our own minds, in order to attain a more dynamic and confident self. And with melodies this addictive and lyrics this inspiring, the often elusive and unseen path to personal empowerment seems more like an illustrious, well-lit highway.... (by dismaleuphony)   Read more ››

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Cirith Gorgor

The band's name is taken from "The Lord of the Rings". "Cirith Gorgor", called the Haunted Pass, the point where the mountain ranges of the Ered Lithui and the Ephel Dúath met, to the northwest of Mordor.

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Full Of Hell


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Principality Of Hell

Blackened Heavy

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