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18.07 Cannibal Corpse - Announce U.S. Tour With Hate Eternal & Harm's Way
Influential death metallers Cannibal Corpse have announced a tour of the United States through Metal Blade Record's Facebook page. The tour will be featuring Erik Rutan's brutal death band Hate Eternal and Chicago "sludgecore" band Harm's Way.Read more

Roadburn 2018, Day 3 & 4
by Mr. Doctor, InnerSelf | 21.06
Better late than never! The third and last article recalling the adventures I had at Roadburn 2018! I hope that maybe, just maybe, this will motivate you to follow me and all the other Roadburners into one of the best music festivals Europe has to offer! And in case you attended this year, well... Feel free to agree/disagree with my ramblings!
ScreamingSteel's Next Top More 10 Best Else Metal Covers of Nonmetal Songs, The Second One
by ScreamingSteelUS | 19.06
I had such fun writing up my first list that no sooner had I published it than I began compiling potential further entries. If that's the case, why did it take me nearly two years to put the second list together? While I think about how to answer that, let's start off Part II.
Iron Maiden - The First Show of the Legacy of the Beast World Tour, Saku Arena, Tallinn, Estonia, 26.05.2018
by Ivor | 29.05
The first show of the tour is no small matter for any band, not even for experienced troopers who have been treading the stages of the world for the past four decades. Before the event I was planning on starting this review off along the lines of sucking and blowing, something to the extent of how the first step to a balloon animal is to blow hard, but, frankly, the truth of the matter is that Iron Maiden are on top of their game right off the bat and will simply blow you away with their show.
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