Rigor Mortis - Slaves To The Grave
Review by ScreamingSteelUS
Reviewing the posthumous opus ultimus of a recently-deceased artist imposes the unique burden of simultaneously preventing the unfortunate circumstances from coloring any objective sentiments about the work itself and remaining sensitive to the situation. While of course we believe in subjective reviews here, and some albums are best understood in the context of their creator's demise (Woods Of Ypres's Woods V), more often than not death intensifies hero worship. Rigor Mortis require no special treatment; not only does Slaves To The Grave deliver well enough on its own, it is a fitting swan song and testament to the brilliance of both Rigor Mortis and the late Mike Scaccia.


Vesania - Deus Ex Machina
Review by D.T. Metal
Recently signed to Metal Blade Records and after a drought of seven long years, the Polish symphonic blackmetalers Vesania are on the verge of releasing Deus Ex Machina, their fourth full-length album in seventeen some years of existence. Was the long wait worth it though?


Vanir - The Glorious Dead
Review by ScreamingSteelUS
Fans, purists, didacts, and passers-by with too much time on their hands love a good argument about which bands might accurately be labeled "Viking metal" (as if it were a real genre). With their blend of death, black, and folk metal, the Danish Vanir probably have a better shot at the title than most.


Lunatic Soul - Walking On A Flashlight Beam
Review by Introspekrieg
This is what I need. Music designed for introverts. With such a minimalist sound, every intonation becomes important. You listen carefully.


The Sabbathian - Ritual Rites [EP]
Review by ScreamingSteelUS
This album sounds as if it were recorded in a daze - but was it the visionary purple haziness of a mystical psychedelic journey, the perception-altering horror of a satanic ritual, or the low-fidelity first fumblings of a young and raw band? Perhaps all three.


Stone Division - Six Indifferent Places
Review by ScreamingSteelUS
Holy Nickelback, Batman. This is going to be a bumpy ride. Right off the bat we're greeted with the latest hard rock singer to stamp his best James Hetfield impersonation over four minutes of riff. It's like listening to an audition for the next Godsmack.


Atriarch - An Unending Pathway
Review by Apothecary
Within the realm of blackened doom, less really does seem to be more often times. Surprisingly limited in its scope, even after pioneers such as Dolorian and Katatonia burst onto the scene in the 90s, this style nonetheless has always felt like one where quality > quantity, and its small amount of practitioners always appear to be dealing out blows at a considerably high end of the spectrum. Relatively new on the scene are the Americans of Atriarch, and they're proving this idea true yet again with their third album, quite possibly the peak of their career.


Pendragon - Men Who Climb Mountains
Review by R'Vannith
It's an effort to reach the summit.


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Today Is The Day - Animal Mother

Today is the day to stream the new Today Is The Day album all day.

Listen here.

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Einherjer - Unveil New Video 20.10

Einherjer have released their new music video and single. The video was made for the track "Nord og Ner" from their new album Av Oss, For Oss which is due to be released on October 27th through Indie Recordings. So mark your calendars! Watch this brand new video right here now. The man behind this music video is Costin Chioreanu, the very same man who directed the video for "Nidstong". (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Luca Turilli's Rhapsody - Start New Album Final Recordings 20.10

While the release of the new Luca Turilli's Rhapsody album has been postponed, the symphonic metallers are currently at the Backyard Studios of Kempten (Germany) to end the recordings of the new upcoming record entitled Prometheus, Symphonia Ignis Divinus. While the recordings are being completed, new details have been revealed about this new output. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Goatwhore - New Video Online 20.10

Goatwhore have recently released a brand new video. The New Orleans band is showcasing the track "Nocturnal Conjuration Of The Accursed" on this video, a tune that appears on their latest extreme metal creation Constricting Rage Of The Merciless. You can now watch the video here below. Prepare to headbang! (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Diablo Swing Orchestra - New Single And Lyric Video Online 19.10

The Swedish mergers of swing and metal Diablo Swing Orchestra have a new lyric video for us. It is "Jigsaw Hustle," the first single for the still unnamed album number 4 after Pandora's Piñata. This song also features the band's new vocalist Kristin Evegård and as promised, a good amount of disco beats. You can enjoy the new song below, and don't forget to dance. (by PocketMetal)   Read more ››
Agathodaimon - Split Up 19.10

Sad news are coming in from the Agathodaimon camp. Apparently, due to family circumstances, the only remaining founding member Sathonys, decided to lay the band to rest. You can read the full statement released by the frontman below. Agathodaimon released In Darkness back in 2013. The band's career spanned for almost two decades and they released 6 full-length albums. (by ManiacBlasphemer)   Read more ››
FRA, Toulouse - Entombed A.D. & Grave: Back To The Front European Tour 2014 18.10

A pure Swedish death metal evening, with Entombed A.D. - that's the LG Petrov fronted version of Entombed - as headliner? Count me in! First off, I have to warn you. It's been a while since I last shoot concert pics in a venue with my old compact camera, and the resulting pics show I'm rusty, with my outdated material. So, don't expect anything great, the photos are just here for a basic illustrative purpose. Anyway, off with the ramblings. The Dynamo venue (a great little concert bar in the center of Toulouse) was almost packed (that's 300 odd people), even with a heavy... (by Darkside Momo)   Read more ››
Getting Stoked: 70000 Tons Of Metal 2015 - The Destination 15.10

In a couple of months, the end of January 2015 to be exact, 70000 Tons Of Metal, the annual - The Original - music cruise will set sail once again. (by D.T. Metal)   Read more ››
Within Temptation, Amaranthe - Gothic Theatre, Englewood, CO USA - 28 Sep 2014 14.10

Within Temptation and Amaranthe, who just finished their North America Tour, made a stop in Colorado as well and since yours truly was in attendance, below are some of the highlights of the show. (by D.T. Metal)   Read more ››
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Valtari - Hunter's Pride (2014)

A major challenge for any aspiring melodic death metal band nowadays is to write and record an original piece, something which breaks the norm and cuts through the mass of acts all vying to be deemed noteworthy. What's even more challenging is attempting to do this on your own. (by R'Vannith)   Read more ››

Reviewer: 6.4      Users: 7.4 | 11 votes
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Lacrimas Profundere

"Lacrimas Profundere" is Latin for "To Shed Tears".

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