Cormorant - Earth Diver
Review by R'Vannith
Few bands have taken melodic death metal so far along a progressive route as Cormorant. These guys are an entirely independent group and their style is adventurous, downright impressive and unparalleled in individuality. Earth Diver is their third effort in a discographical success story, each time they've committed themselves to a release on their own terms they've put out astonishingly creative melodic metal. That is a guarantee which they continually assure.


A Hill To Die Upon - Holy Despair
Review by R'Vannith
This is a band who still know how to make their metal without resorting to keyboard overload. This is melodic, it's death in substance, it's black in presentation and it's A Hill To Die Upon's third successful studio effort, a combination of melodic extremes.


Skogen - I Döden
Review by Troy Killjoy
It seems like yesterday (it wasn't) when Skogen released Svítjod and I sat at my computer desk typing up a review starting out with how much these guys have flown under the radar in spite of creating some excellent atmospheric/pagan black metal. Today I will start out doing the same.


Menace - Impact Velocity
Review by R'Vannith
For those familiar with Napalm Death, Mitch Harris is a man who needs no introduction for fans of the band or listeners of grindcore at large, however his new endeavour in project Menace does need some introducing. A catchy progressive metal with hard rock song structures is what you'll find in the debut album Impact Velocity, made up of twelve tracks with a captivating "cyber" thematic incentive.


MaYaN - Antagonise
Review by R'Vannith
Mark Jansen seemed keen to distance himself from his main band as much as possible with Antagonize. The symphonic arrangements in the new Mayan effort are closely guarded and controlled, which distinguishes the band's sound from Epica further than ever before. While the debut album certainly found its similarities to the mother band, Antagonize is, in theme and sound, much more of a straightforward melodic death metal album.


Jupiter Society - From Endangered To Extinct
Review by Ag Fox
I don't know about you, but every now and again I take off my kvlt corpse paint, stop speaking in guttural growls and need my regular fix of melodic metal. Yet it's always an arduous task in finding the right album as the majority of melodic metal releases these days are either metal-light, brimming with cheese and choirs, clinically sterile me-too djent chugs, or use the same old formulas of melodic death metal. Even if they don't fit the above descriptions, the end product usually comes across as lacking in inspiration. Where's that musical kick that the aural sensors of my brain crave?


Horseback - Piedmont Apocrypha
Review by R'Vannith
Horseback are a sneaky bunch; being the clever sound shifters that they are this new album is an interesting turn of events. Firstly, it's actually mostly just the one fellow behind all the fetchingly folky psychedelia this time around, secondly, Jenks Miller just made off with your wallet.


Supported event

Havok: Unnatural Selection - North American Tour 2014

USA, Colorado Springs, CO (Black Sheep)
07 June 2014

Staff pick
Human Cull - Stillborn Nation

For all the peeps thinking Napalm Death died after 1987's Scum and 1988's From Enslavement To Obliteration: Human Cull are here to save the day.

Listen here.

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Picked by: J. N.
Mutilation Rites - New Album This Summer 18.04

Black metal quartet Mutilation Rites will unleash a new beast this summer. Their second album will be called Harbinger, as it was announced. The group finally finished their long-awaited follow-up to Empyrean. Once again recorded with Kevin Bernsten (TRIAC, Magrudergrind) at Developing Nations in Baltimore, the new album will be the band's first full-length to feature Ryan Jones (ex-Today Is The Day) on bass and vocals. A summer release is expected; more details will be revealed shortly. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Edguy - New Album Streaming Online 18.04

Today the new Edguy album, Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown, sees its official release in Europe via Nuclear Blast Records, and the band is streaming the full album, complete with two bonus tracks, right at this location. Head over there, listen to it and tell us what you think about it. (by R Lewis)   Read more ››
Electric Wizard - New Record Label, Complete New Album 18.04

Stoner/doom metal heavyweights Electric Wizard have finally completed work on its new studio album, whose title is yet to be confirmed. The effort will be the band's first release through Spinefarm Records and follows 2010's Black Masses. Let the anticipation begin... (by Bad English)   Read more ››
Powerwolf - To Release Box Set And Picture Discs 18.04

This should be a treat for Powerwolf fans. Metal Blade Records has announced three Powerwolf releases for June 24th. First off, there will be The History Of Heresy, a massive box set containing two CDs, one DVD, a book and more. Additionally, and for the first time ever, Lupus Dei and Return In Bloodred will be released as Picture Discs on June 24th in an edition of 500 copies each. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Accept - European Tour Confirmed 18.04

In support of their upcoming new release, Blind Rage, German heavy metal veterans Accept announced a headlining Blind Rage Eurpean Tour, which will be executed this September/October. The complete list of tour dates is available below the flyer. Check it out! (by Abattoir)   Read more ››
Metal Storm Anthology Awards 05.04

Thanks for participating in our 10th Anniversary Anthology Awards voting. Of course by now you all (hopefully) figured out it was an April Fools' Day prank. (by D.T. Metal)   Read more ››
Lacuna Coil - The Black Sheep, Colorado Springs, USA - 28 Mar 2014 02.04

A couple weeks ago Lacuna Coil played in Denver, CO as part of the Revolver - Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock Tour, but since they announced a gig mere 15 minutes from my house, I opted to skip the drive up to the Mile High city and catch them locally instead. (by D.T. Metal)   Read more ››
Getting Stoked For 70000 Tons Of Metal 2015 24.03

The 5th edition of the 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise already promises to be even bigger and better than anything else the organizers have done before. And even though I barely got rid of my sea legs, it's time to get stoked for next year's cruise. Stoked why, you might ask. Simple. Bigger ship, more bands, more people = more fun! (by D.T. Metal)   Read more ››
Random stuff
  Random album
Amorphis - The Beginning Of Times (2011)

Amorphis have to be one of best and at the same time most loved bands from Finland. Actually, the only time they let me down was with Far From The Sun, the last album with Pasi Koskinen behind the microphone. The future of the band in the eyes of their fans was quite uncertain, but Tomy Joutsen came in like an earthquake and blended in a unique way with the rest of the band. Eclipse and Silent Waters prove it. Skyforger was good, just good. A bit more appealing to the common listener, hence the band... (by DerRozzengarten)   Read more ››

Reviewer: 8.0      Users: 8.2 | 527 votes
  Random trivia

Hoest from Taake made a very brief guest appearance on "Woodland Journey" EP, while credited on "UGH" for the song "Rod Havrana". This can be heard at 2:10 time of the track.

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Melodic Death


Groove Heavy

Loss (USA)

Funeral Doom


Extreme Progressive
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