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Supported event

Suicide Silence & The Black Dahlia Murder: Co-Headlining US Tour 2014

USA, Denver, CO (The Summit Music Hall)
30 October 2014

Suicide Silence
The Black Dahlia Murder
Chelsea Grin
Staff pick
Progenie Terrestre Pura - Asteroidi
Inside Samus Aran's brain

Coming off of a powerful debut with last year's U.M.A, this Italian BM duo decides to follow it up with a curveball, a nonmetal EP. Best be off with you if you're looking for the more aggressive side of the band's personality with this one. Asteroidi is for those listeners who delighted in the ringy ding ding electronics of the debut, and wished to see the band go deeper with them, an effort at which they certainly succeed here.

Beware the Metroid scum.

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Picked by: Apothecary
Sunn O))) And Scott Walker - Share 'Brando' Short Film 24.10

Soused, the collaboration between drone doom metallers Sunn O))) and experimental musician Scott Walker was released this week. Some of you have probably already listened to it. Well, recently they've unveiled a short film, for the album's opening track, "Brando". French-Austrian artist, choreographer and director Gisèle Vienne has made the film titled Brando, inspired by, and using, Scott Walker and Sunn O)))'s song of the same name. Watch it here and give us your impressions of the piece. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Opera IX - Announce New Lineup 24.10

Italian black metal masters Opera IX have finally unveiled today a new lineup after the departure of their vocalist Marco "The Bard" De Rosa. Abigail Dianaria returns and is the new vocalist of the band. A new line-up usually means new material in the making but no confirmation has been made just yet. Are you excited about the new developments? (by Gothmog_Motsham)   Read more ››
Taake - Debut New Song, Announce New Album 24.10

Taake are releasing a new album! Three years after their latest Noregs Vaapen output, the Norwegian black metal band has announced the first details of what will be their sixth full-length album. Titled Stridens Hus, the seven-track album is set for release on the 8th of December worldwide, with the exception of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where the album will appear on the 12th of December via Dark Essence Records. And you can already listen to a new song right now. It's called "Det Fins En Prins". Go ahead and take the 8-minute journey right here. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Wolfheart - Sign With Spinefarm Records, New Album In 2015 24.10

Good news for Wolfheart as the band just signed with Spinefarm Records. We already knew that Tuomas Saukkonen's new band was recording their next album. Now we know that the new opus, titled Shadow World, is due out in mid-2015 and Spinefarm Records will also re-release their 2013 debut, Winterborn, with two additional bonus tracks on February 3rd of next year. (by Bad English)   Read more ››
Battle Beast - New Album Details Unveiled 24.10

Heavy metallers Battle Beast have been working this year to release the successor of their self-titled album which was released in 2013. The new album, entitled Unholy Savior, will be out on January 9th, 2015 in Europe and January 15th, 2015 in the US via Nuclear Blast. So better mark your calendars folks! Meanwhile, feast your eyes on the cover below and find out more about this record. (by ManiacBlasphemer)   Read more ››
Conan, Pallbearer, Yob: two nights of Sludge & Doom in Toulouse 24.10

... "Well, if Soyuz Bear were heavy, Conan were HEAVY." ... "I was really curious to see what Pallbearer were all about. And I was impressed." ... "Ahh, finally seeing Yob live!" (by Darkside Momo)   Read more ››
FRA, Toulouse - Entombed A.D. & Grave: Back To The Front European Tour 2014 18.10

A pure Swedish death metal evening, with Entombed A.D. - that's the LG Petrov fronted version of Entombed - as headliner? Count me in! (by Darkside Momo)   Read more ››
Getting Stoked: 70000 Tons Of Metal 2015 - The Destination 15.10

In a couple of months, the end of January 2015 to be exact, 70000 Tons Of Metal, the annual - The Original - music cruise will set sail once again. (by D.T. Metal)   Read more ››
Random stuff
  Random album
Assailant - Wicked Dream (2008)

Back in 2006 when I've received the previous release of the combo ("Nemesis Within") I thought at first that Assailant was one other new boring Power Metal band from Sweden… I was totally wrong actually because this album was powerful as hell and their new album "Wicked Dream" is one more time a great mix of Power, Thrash and Progressive Metal. It's not really easy to find similar band and yes that's great to see that some bands still find a way to surprise us.... (by Jeff)   Read more ››

Reviewer: 8.0      Users: 7.9 | 11 votes
  Random trivia

The drum solo "Batalla de los tambores", played by Sully and Shannon, which the band regularly plays live, started by having two drum sets on rehearsals during the tours. It begins with a drum riff from the song "Get Up, Get Out!", from their first album; and gradually becomes a medley of drum parts of songs: "YYZ" by Rush, "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith, and "Moby Dick" by Led Zeppelin. The solo is never rehearsed, it's just played.

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