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The Decibel Magazine Tour 2016

USA, Denver, CO (Gothic Theater)
05 April 2016

High On Fire
Metal Storm Awards 2015 - Now Open 01.02

Ladies and djentlemen, it's that time of year again - the Metal Storm Awards 2015 are open for business. The voters are about to swarm like gundarks, so be prepared to withstand the onslaught of chatter and indiscriminate, early bird vote-lobbing that will soon unfold. For the next however many days are in February this year (lousy indecisive month), the Awards are all yours to paw through and explore. We've got an impressive array of nominees, as usual, so don't be afraid to consider the other candidates before purposefully striding right past them and voting for your favorite... (by ScreamingSteelUS)   Read more ››
Gehennah - New Album Streaming Online 05.02

If you like thrash, check out Swedish metallers Gehennah's new album! Their new output Too Loud To Live, Too Drunk To Die is streaming online now and in full. It will be out on Metal Blade February 12th but you can give it a spin here. This is the band's awaited return and their first full-length since 1997′s Decibel Rebel. (by Bad English)   Read more ››
Spiritual Beggars - Debut New Album First Single 05.02

New music incoming! This time it's a new song from Spiritual Beggars. The Swedish metallers return with their 9th studio album entitled Sunrise To Sundown, which will be released on March 18th, 2016 in Europe as well as March 25th, 2016 in North America via InsideOutMusic. Now it's time to hear some of the music that will appear on the record. Check out the album's first single for the title track "Sunrise To Sundown" right here. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
Black Sabbath - Postpone Shows Due To Ozzy's Illness 05.02

Black Sabbath's farewell tour isn't going as smoothly as they would have hoped. The band has postponed their performance in Vancouver, Canada as well as Edmonton and Calgary due to Ozzy's condition. Their next performance will be on Saturday, February 6th in Tacoma, Washington. According to his wife, Sharon Osbourne, the canceled shows are in the process of being rescheduled, and Ozzy Osbourne will be rejoining the band on Saturday. (by Bad English)   Read more ››
Down - Dropped From FortaRock‎, Anselmo Apologizes Again (Update) 05.02

UPDATE: After the Dutch festival FortaRock cancelled Down's performance due to Phil Anselmo's "white power" gesture and shouting, now their February 8th show in New Orleans, the band's hometown, has been cancelled as well. Phil apologized again and publicly apologized to his Down bandmates and now guitarist Pepper Keenan has responded. (by BloodTears)   Read more ››
A Year In Metal - 2015: Highlights Through The Eyes Of The MS Staff, Elites & Official Contributors 13.01

Since the Metal Storm Awards are upon us, here are the highlights of some of our Jedi Knights, Padawans and Younglings hmmm, and even a Sith Lord gave his input. (by D.T. Metal)   Read more ››
The Lost Concert Files - Various Stuff From 2015 11.01

Too little - too late, but here it is nevertheless. (by D.T. Metal)   Read more ››
Black Metal MMXVI: How We Got Here, And Where We're Going 04.01

When one takes the past 15 years into account, perhaps no other subgenre of metal has expanded and diversified to the point and the manner in which which black metal has. Emerging from a tight circle of orthodoxy, this child in the metal family now seems bent on branching out in every possible direction, and incorporating every stylistic influence it can get its hands on. But how did it reach this point? And what does this current atmosphere of innovation and rule breaking mean for the future of black metal as a whole? Let's find out. (by Apothecary)   Read more ››
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Skinless - Only The Ruthless Remain (2015)

You need four things to make an album, right? Something old: original vocalist Sherwood Webber, returning to duty. Something new: recent addition Dave Matthews on guitar (no, not that Dave Matthews). Something borrowed: most of these songs. Something blue: me after sitting through this. (by ScreamingSteelUS)   Read more ››

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Van Halen

At first, Eddie played drums and Alex guitars. Later, Alex got interested with the drums and Eddie with the guitar.

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