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Manowar - Hail To England

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Release date: 1984
Style: Heavy metal, US power metal


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01. Blood Of My Enemies
02. Each Dawn I Die
03. Kill With Power
04. Hail To England
05. Army Of The Immortals
06. Black Arrows
07. Bridge Of Death

Top 20 albums of 1984: 20

Guest review by
Joey Jo Jo
Once in a while I'll put on an old album I haven't heard in a long time for nostalgia purposes rather than wanting to hear something of actual quality. Manowar's Hail To England, which happens to be one of my first metal albums, seemed to fit that bill perfectly. After all, I do remember having a great time at their live show when they came down here with Rhapsody (either a sign of the apocalypse, or a dream come true depending on perspective). Manowar actually acquired their "cheese cred" after their Hail To England/Sign Of The Hammer releases. Don't get me wrong though, there's plenty of lame moments on this album. All of it just happens to be appropriate for the time and context without aging too badly. So it's not as bad as one might expect.

published 14.07.2007 | Comments (11)

Staff review by
The leather and loincloth clad Manowar need no introduction to anyone vaguely into metal. They are perhaps amongst the most polarizing bands in metal - people either love them or hate them, with few in the middle.

With "Hail to England" purported to be their high-water mark, I figured this would be the best place to start. I cast aside preconceived notions, burnt the loincloth images from my mind, and inserted them into iPod rotation…

published 21.04.2009 | Comments (15)

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15.11.2012 - 08:39
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
Written by yanivush147 on 15.11.2012 at 08:37

The best Manowar album, and the one which i like all the songs, no filler, no boring song,

Disagree, for me that would be Into Glory Ride, and the instrumental Black Arrows is the epitome of a watse of album space and boredom.
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Dawn Crosby (r.i.p.)
05.04.1963 - 15.12.1996

26.12.2012 - 11:51
Rating: 6
My favrit track is black arros
24.06.2015 - 20:25
Rating: 8
Infernal Eternal
The mix could have been better in some parts, but a great album overall. Probably my favourite Manowar album. Kill With Fucking Power!
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08.07.2016 - 17:08
Rating: 7
Almost similar as the previous album, though I see this one having stronger individual tracks. I can hear greatness in "Kill With Power", "Black Arrows" (ppl say this is bad, but to me it's a 100% great Manowar track) and the true classic "Blood Of My Enemies".
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