Totally Fucking Gay - With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemas?

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Release date: 2005
Style: Grindcore

01. Elton John Is Hot
02. I Wanna Blow Justin Timberlake
03. A Celebration Of Our Manliness
04. Jail Aint So Bad
05. Girls Are Icky
06. Men In Uniform
07. Hetero Bashing
08. An Orgy With The Village People

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Ok did you read the band name already? Well, read it again please…Great! now you know how this album sounds. I could stop the review right here but apparently I have to be more professional and deep and blah, so here we go.

Totally Fucking Gay is a Grindcore band which uses synthesizers and a lot of keyboards in their music, kind of like S.M.E.S but not as cool. We have a band playing Electro-grind with a fruity concept, just check their lyrics, "Elton John Is Hot"? What the flying fuck these guys where thinking while writing their concept down? Beats me, but here I am writing some words because I received their album to review a month ago; I had my doubts about doing this as they didn't give me much material from where to dig good things, and my mommy always told me "If you can't say good things about someone, just shut the fuck up for the love of god", then I showed this to my girlfriend and she said "wow, do you like it this way or more pathetic", I really hope she didn't think I was showing her a gay DVD or something.

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12.12.2010 - 19:07
14.12.2014 - 02:57
Does the band really exists ?
Don't cry for my English
14.12.2014 - 12:08
Angel N.
Evil Butterfly
Wait ! This is an April fool ceremony on MS ?
The Fangirl.
14.12.2014 - 16:57
Rating: 2
Weirdo of MS
The cake is real. Just click on band info. You will find soundcloud samples.
Enjoy it (or not)

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