Venom - Cast In Stone

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Release date: 1997
Style: Heavy metal


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Disc I
01. The Evil One
02. Raised In Hell
03. All Devils Eve
04. Bleeding
05. Destroyed & Damned
06. Domus Mundi
07. Flight Of The Hydra
08. God's Forsaken
09. Mortals
10. Infectious
11. Kings Of Evil
12. You're All Gonna Die
13. Judgement Day
14. Swarm

Disc II
01. Intro
02. Blood Lust
03. Die Hard
04. Acid Queen
05. Bursting Out
06. Warhead
07. Lady Lust
08. Manitou
09. Rip Ride
10. Venom

Guest review by
Doc G.
After a 6 year hiatus, the band who coined the term "Black Metal" reunite for a very underwhelming attempt at an album.

After such a period of time apart, one would think that a band that was once very original and trailblazing would come back with many fresh ideas to make a reunion that much more glorious; this album is anything but glorious. In true Venom fashion the music is your usual bulldozer bass, skull crushing frantic drumming, and one catchy riff repeated throughout the entire album; in other words, the exact same album they've been putting out since "Welcome To Hell" just with better production quality. Part of what attracts me to Venom is the poor recording quality that goes well with the frantic raw sound of the band itself, it had its own charm to it. This album doesn't have the heart that those albums had. The only new material that stood out for me was the industrial like song "Domus Mundi," one of the few songs written by drummer Abbadon, a song that Cronos dismisses as a terrible song in the liner notes.

published 21.04.2007 | Comments (2)

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