Dark Millennium - Ashore The Celestial Burden

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Release date: 1992
Style: Death doom metal, Progressive death metal


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01. Below The Holy Fatherlands
02. Spiritual
03. Black Literature
04. Inside The Sunburnt Thoughts of Frost
05. Father Legatus: Of Symbols, Nature And Birth
06. Beyond The Dragon's Eye
07. Wizardry Assemblage
08. Medina's Spell
09. Disillusion
10. The Atmosphere

Additional info
Doom Death Metal
Germany, 1992
Label : Massacre Records

Line-up :
Vocals :Christian Mertens
Guitars : Hilton Theissen, Michael Burmann
Drums Christoph Hesse
Bass : Klaus Pachura

Guest review by
Dark Millennium is a German Doom/Death Metal band that was active in the early nineties. They made two demos and two albums. Each release is special and has it's own sound.

"Ashore The Celestial Burden" consists of songs from the demo "Of Sceptre Their Ashes May Be" in addition of some new songs. The whole set may sound bland and too polished (compared to Of Sceptre), however it offers a special ambiance all throughout it. Hilton Theissen and Michael Burmann did some excellent work on songs like "Beyond the Dragon's Eye," "Father Legatus," and "Medina's Spell" which are really unique in the overall doom/death sound, i.e. the songs sound very light, weak and not that heavy, but yet it seems to work, after some time you begin to feel the dark atmosphere of this great overlooked album. The major disappointment in Ashore The Celestial Burden comes from the vocals... oh how it could have been better if they were appropriate Death Metal growls!! Taking in consideration that the lyrics aren't the boring gory kind at all but more about personal/epic and fictional stories, it enhances that feeling that it could be better. The production of this album is debatable too, it isn't that bad but it's nothing mind blowing at all. Clean and distorted guitars could have been better. For most of those who heard Of Sceptre Their Ashes May Be this album will really sound strange compared to Dark Millennium's masterpiece (that demo indeed).

published 14.10.2006 | Comments (8)

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10.02.2013 - 03:12
Alex F
Slick Dick Rick
Listened to this album for the first time today. I am thoroughly impressed, amazing album.

get that bag
09.07.2014 - 09:02
Rating: 9
Vasil de Shumen
One of the best German albums of the 90s - originality, beautiful melodies and excellent sound. Surely this is the most neglected doom/death album of all time (along with Immense, Intense, Suspense).
31.08.2020 - 23:40
Rating: 8
Wow, what a gem. Hidden under my radar over all the years.
I do see the death doom tag to some extent.
But I definitely miss the progressive death tag here.
I want to go onwards in their discography now but something tells me I better dont go there....

Spun this one intensely over the last days.
It is an amazing album. There is so much to dig here.
The degree of progression is incredible.
The album has to be spun throughout, no fillers.
At the same time hard to name highlights. Though my favourite track probably is Beyond the Dragon's Eye.
Some 8.1 over all for me, but with caveat since my ratings are biased downwards when compared to average MS ratings.

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