After Forever - Mea Culpa [Compilation]

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Release date: 19 June 2006
Style: Symphonic progressive metal


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Disc I
01. Mea Culpa [A-Capella version]
02. Follow In The Cry
03. Yield To Temptation
04. Silence From Afar
05. Wings Of Illusion [Non-Album Track]
06. Beyond Me [With Sharon Den Adel]
07. Forlorn Hope
08. For The Time Being [Non-Album Track]
09. Imperfect Tenses [With Damian Wilson]
10. Monolith Of Doubt [Single version]
11. Intrinsic
12. Emphasis
13. My Pledge Of Allegiance
14. Who Wants To Live Forever [Non-Album Track]

Disc II
01. Evil That Men Do [Single version]
02. Glorifying Means
03. My Choice [Acoustic version]
04. Beneath
05. Digital Deceit [Single version]
06. Two Sides [Single version]
07. Sins Of Idealism [Single version]
08. Eccentric [Orchestral version]
09. Life's Vortex [Single version]
10. Blind Pain [Agressive version]
11. Being Everyone [Single version]
12. Face Your Demons [Single version] [feat. Marco Hietala]
13. Taste The Day [Non-Album Track]
14. Boundaries Are Open [Single version]
15. Come
16. Attendance [Industrial Remix]
17. Live & Learn [Non-Album Track]
18. Strong [Piano version]

Additional info
CD 1 contains the material recorded when Mark Jansen was in the band.

CD 2 contains the songs recorded after his departure from the band.

on CD 1, in the song "Beyond Me (with Sharon den Adel)" all the grunts and screams have been supressed. The only voice in the track is that of Sharon's.

The track 'Mea Culpa' doesn't have the 'secret part' (acapella version of the intro of the song 'Yield to Temptation') on this version, unlike the version on the 'Follow in the Cry' single.

The song 'Come' is also slightly different from the normal version. The compilation version starts proper, while the album version (on 'Remagine') starts with the last note of the previous track.

The song 'Intrinsic' doesn't fade intro 'Zenith' on this compilation, like it did on Decipher. 'Intrinsic' now has a faded ending and 'Zenith' isn't even on the compilation.

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