Kemet - The Rules Of Equilibrium

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Release date: 19 October 2006
Style: Gothic metal


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01. Fuck With The Enemy [Per- version]
02. Saturday Night Sinner [Dis-Orient-Ated version]
03. My Favourite You (The Safe Death Of Daren Leone)
04. A Perfect Evidence
05. Mass Disorder (The Murder Of Father Hofman)
06. Soeur De Sang (The Murder Of Sarah F)
07. I'll Save The Universe (The Murder Of Eva Grey)
08. I Saved The Universe (The Murder Of Eva Grey)
09. Take You Back

Additional info
Progressive/Alternative Goth
Label: Thundering Records / Manitou
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France: 2006
Length: 47:17

Line-Up on the CD:
Vocals: Eric
Guitars: Vincent
Guitars: Franck
Bass: Sylvain
Drums: Serge
Keyboards, programation: Christian

Staff review by
In the musical world, especially with Metal, some bands just follow their road and never change their musical style. Some others at the opposite decide one day to do a radical turnover, and if it can be a good thing, it's also always a bit tricky. With "The Rules Of Equilibrium", the 3rd album of the band, Kemet chose the second solution and for sure their fans will be surprised, I thinků

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