Pagan's Mind - Celestial Entrance

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Release date: 18 November 2002
Style: Progressive metal, Power metal


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01. Approaching
02. Through Osiris' Eyes
03. Entrance: Stargate
04. ... Of Epic Questions
05. Dimensions Of Fire
06. Dreamscape Lucidity
07. The Seven Sacred Promises
08. Back To The Magic Of Childhood Part I - Conception
09. Back To The Magic Of Childhood Part II - Exploring Life
10. In Brilliant White Light
11. Aegean Shores
12. The Prophecy Of Pleiades

Guest review by
Pagan's Mind has to be one of the great mysteries of progressive metal. First of all I'm absolutely blown away by this cd which ranks right up there with the best of the Dream Theater and Symphony X stuff. What I can't comprehend is how this band managed to put out the 2 cds that followed this one because they SUCK. How do you produce a masterpiece like Celestial Entrance and then come up with Enigmatic Calling and God's Equation? Enigmatic Calling was nothing short of disappointing following Celestial Entrance, and retained virtually none of the raw, right up in your grill riffs which dominate Celestial Entrance throughout. God's Equation is basically the band selling out to the masses by producing a cd catering to talentless teen angst emo rejects who infest society with their single-minded 2 chord whiny "songs" which will be totally forgotten in less than a year.

published 19.02.2008 | Comments (7)

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17.01.2010 - 12:47
Rating: 10
This is one of the few albums that I personally only can rate 10 - nothing more, nothing less. This album opened the door to the whole universe of prog power for me. It's brilliant in every way.

Eventhough every song has a count of atleast 300+ plays on my media player, it doesn't bore me at all. Actually, I still get boosebumps when all the beautiful guitar phases comes - can't be described. Fucking fantastic - so sad they have turned into something else nowadays. But you know, shit evolve (devolve?) - can't do anything about it.
"An open mind is like a fortress with it's gates unbarred and unguarded"
12.10.2010 - 02:36
Rating: 9
This album can truly be described as: In Brilliant White Light
03.07.2011 - 02:30
Rating: 10
This album is Pagan's Mind at their best, and I highly doubt they'll ever top it, considering the direction they're taking with their music nowadays is kind of boring IMO But still I highly recommend this album and "Enigmatic: Calling", which is also very good, although not quite as good as this one.
07.04.2020 - 13:41
Rating: 8
8.5/10 slight leaning towards an 8 for me.

Favourite tracks: Approaching, Through Osiris' Eyes, Dimensions Of Fire, The Prophecy Of Pleiades

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