Static-X - Machine

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Release date: 2001
Style: Nu metal, Industrial metal


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01. Bien Venidos
02. Get To The Gone
03. Permanence
04. Black And White
05. This Is Not
06. Otsego Undead
07. Cold
08. Structural Defect
09. ...In A Bag
10. Burn To Burn
11. Machine
12. A Dios Alma Perdida
13. Anything But This [Japanese bonus]
14. Sweat Of The Bud [live] [Japanese bonus]

Guest review by
I'm totally depressed at the current state of the rock/metal scene. I mean, take a look at, for example, Coal Chamber, Marilyn Manson and most of the new bands. Please explain me why does every band have to have so much tattoos and piercings? I must say I don't dislike it, but it starts to look like record companies signing new bands in front of a tattoo shop. They're like picking everyone who has more then 5 facial piercings to play in a band. Do you think it's strange bands like Linkin Park, Staind and Static-X earning so much respect? They're fucking true, based on their music! The music is what it's all about. The music scene is based on recording and playing music, remember? I'll visit Amsterdam if I want to see freaks or a Coal Chamber show, but that's almost identical. It's music what counts, and that's exactly what Static-X have achieved to bring with their second album, "Machine". The title for this album is finely chosen: they sound like machines, after living through the short intro and first track ("Get To The Gone") you'd say something like "This isn't metal, it's just some white radio noise". Already saw the video for "This Is Not"? Killer track, which definitely set the tone for the album. Imagine Ministry with more vocal approach and a more open sound. The drama then continues with "Permanence", the groovy "Structural Defect" and furious "Burn To Burn", which are all real killer tracks. Keyboards are placed on "Cold". Shit, if anybody told me this was The Kovenant's latest song, I'd believe it. I read a review in which this particular song was more "Wisconsin Death Trip"-like. (If so, buy that album!). Industrial metal by miles!

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26.03.2012 - 14:29
Rating: 7
Again, a good album using the electronic equipment and industrial beats to a good standard. However, this album, amongst others, still doesn't get rid of the fact that the riffs all sound similar to one another. Nonetheless, the closer ends things epically.
02.10.2012 - 20:16
Rating: 7
With all this similarity let's give some highlights: Get To The Gone, Black And White, Cold..

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