Isacaarum - Menses Exorcism

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Release date: 2003
Style: Death metal, Grindcore


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01. Fellatorium
02. Cock Control
03. Piss Fighter
04. G-Spot Seppuka
05. Dildog Troopers
06. Cummand And Cuntquer
07. Menstrum
08. Orgasmatch Offside
09. Rhythmic Balls
10. Mea Verpa!
11. Stormbuggers Fartillery
12. The Menses Exorcist

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I haven't entirely figured out why I like Isacaarum this much, it's maybe their sickening concept what keeps me reading their lyrics over and over again, or maybe the fact that the drumming is so repetitive and crushing that makes me wonder how the hell this "Monthy" guy still has full use of his arms, or maybe it's even the simplistic bizarreness of their structures who knows? The bottom line is that I keep tossing their CD's in my stereo and they keep growing on me like the fucking Ebola Virus on a chimp.

published 25.03.2007 | Comments (2)

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