DGM - Different Shapes

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Release date: 4 June 2007
Style: Progressive metal


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01. New Life
02. The Alliance
03. Some Day, One Day
04. Unkept Promises
05. The Fallen Angel
06. Peace Of Mind
07. Frontiers
08. Signs Of Time
09. Close To You
10. A Man I'll Never Be

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Time for another first listen review. This time the choice was on purpose; since we had Momentum coming out not long ago, it got me somewhat interested in DGM. Further, it turned out Simone Mularoni is the lead guitarist here, just like in my favourite italian metal band Empyrios.

Let's just jump to my feelings towards Different Shapes: I generally like the style DGM (and Mr Mularoni) represents, it's halfway cheesy - half serious pure metal riffing (the same that the above mentioned group is special about), so I had higher expectations from the beginning. We got various ideas presented on the instruments even if the core concept of the music is the same; interesting solos, lounge fills between verses (those kind of remind me of Dream Theater); but nothing really astonishing; however the vocals are just plain weak for me. From time to time the singer guy just seems to lose his energy in his voice, makes it flat. I can't help it, this is true for Momentum as well.

published 23.06.2013 | Comments (3)

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