Paths Of Possession - The End Of The Hour

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Release date: 16 October 2007
Style: Death metal


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01. Memory Burn
02. The Ancient Law
03. I Am Forever
04. In Offering Of Spite
05. Pushing through The Pass
06. Poisoned Promise Land
07. Ash Is Falling Rain
08. The End Of The Hour
09. As Sanities Split
10. Engulfing The Pure

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For those who don't know this band, George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher is the vocalist! I guess that line itself will draw a big smile to the faces of... well... almost everyone who partially or fully supports Death Metal. Let's be honest, every single person who at least identifies the genre also knows and maybe likes the aforementioned band right? The reason I'm opening with this paragraph is because I'm sure the majority of metalheads are interested in this piece just because there's a spice of CC dwelling inside the band. Well, I have to burst that bubble immediately... this is no Cannibal Corpse people, not at all, it doesn't even resemble them in any way, not in sound, music, scheme or even (believe it or not) vocals.

published 10.02.2008 | Comments (1)

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