Arsis - As Regret Becomes Guilt [Compilation]

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Release date: 28 December 2007
Style: Melodic death metal, Technical death metal


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[2001 Demonstration]
01. Elegant And Perverse
02. Wholly Night
03. Worship Depraved
04. Seven Whispers Fell Silent
05. Veil Of Mourning Black

[2001 Demonstration]
06. Fortune's Envy
07. Close
08. Painted Eyes

[Unreleased 2002 Studio Recordings]
09. Elegant And Perverse
10. Seven Whispers Fell Silent

[CD-Rom Video Segment]
+ Wholly Night
+ Veil Of Mourning Black
+ Worship Depraved
+ Evil [Mercyful Fate cover]

Guest review by
Everyone knows Arsis, who've now gone on to sign to Nuclear Blast for a release. Who knows the band's roots? Thanks to Negative Existence, who've put out an overlooked demo compilation release titled As Regret Becomes Guilt, we can now pore over the band's history and it's quite remarkable. It's not the melodeath we're accustomed to, well, not exactly. Why this release is relevant is because good music is timeless, and that's the reason we go back to the classics and never tire of them. This is rooted in the sounds of Michael Amott-era Carcass, which is Necroticism-Heartwork in particular in this context. What's shocking is the repulsive sickness and gusto with which the band doles out this music, emphasizing on the melodies indeed, similar to early Arch Enemy as well, but with vile, rabid vocals that were heard only on the Goregrind-era Carcass albums.

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