Pokolgép - Metál Az Ész

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Release date: 1990
Style: Heavy metal


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01. Metál Az Esz (Metal Is Brains)
02. Gyűlölnek (They Hate Me)
03. Szabadság Szárnyain (On Wings Of Freedom)
04. Egy Az Isten, Rock And Roll (Rock And Roll Is God)
05. Indulj! (Go Forth)
06. Engedj! (Let Me Live)
07. A Kitaszított (Outcast)
08. Ne Bántsd A Fiút (Leave The Kid Alone)
09. Késő Hősnek Lenni (Too Late To Be A Hero)
10. A Dal Erted El (The Song Lives For You)

Additional info
The album title is a play on words that is unfortunately lost in translation.
The Hungarian expression "Metál az ész" means literally "the brain stops", and is an idiom for "it's completely shocking". The most literal translation of the rhyming play on words, however, is "Metal is Brains!"

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