Orphanage - Driven

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Release date: 13 April 2004
Style: Melodic death metal, Gothic metal


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01. The Sign
02. Black Magic Mirror
03. Cold
04. Prophecies Of Fame
05. Dead Ground
06. My Master's Master
07. Back Gate
08. In Slavery
09. Truth Or Lies
10. Driven
11. Infinity
12. Addiction
13. Beyond The Fall
14. Ender's Game

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Do you know Orphanage? No ? Well in fact this band is a real cult band nothing more. The problem is that they suffer of the fact that a lot of people don't really know themů and, at the end then, they are not also famous like their compatriots Within Temptation or After Forever. But you must know that without Orphanage all this well know bands from Nederland would certainly not be the ones that they are. Just for the info, you must know that, "Enter" of Within Temptation was released in 1997, "Angel Fall First" of Nightwish in 1997 too, "Prison Of Desire" of After Forever in 2000, "Oblivion", the first release of Orphanage, inů 1995. You can easily understand that we are not with a newcomer here, but with certainly one of the most important band of the Metal Scene.

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