Stormtroopers Of Death - Speak English Or Die

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Release date: 30 August 1985
Style: Crossover thrash metal, Hardcore, Punk


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01. March Of The S.O.D.
02. Sargent D & The S.O.D.
03. Kill Yourself
04. Milano Mosh
05. Speak English Or Die
06. United Forces
07. Chromatic Death
08. Pi Alpha Nu
09. Anti-Procrastination Song
10. What's That Noise
11. Freddy Krueger
12. Milk
13. Pre-Menstrual Princess Blues
14. Pussy Whipped
15. Fist Banging Mania
16. No Turning Back
17. Fuck The Middle East
18. Douche Crew
19. Hey Gordy!
20. Ballad Of Jimi Hendrix
21. Diamonds And Rust [extended version]
22. Identity [platinum edition bonus]
23. Go [platinum edition bonus]
24. March Of The S.O.D./Sgt. D & The S.O.D. [Live in Tokyo in 1999] [platinum edition bonus]
25. Kill Yourself [Live in Tokyo in 1999] [platinum edition bonus]
26. Milano Mosh [Live in Tokyo in 1999] [platinum edition bonus]
27. Speak English Or Die [Live in Tokyo in 1999] [platinum edition bonus]
28. Fuck The Middle East/Douche Crew [Live in Tokyo in 1999] [platinum edition bonus]
29. Not/Momo/Taint/The Camel Boy/Diamonds And Rust/Anti-Procrastination Song [Live in Tokyo in 1999] [platinum edition bonus]
30. Milk [Live in Tokyo in 1999] [platinum edition bonus]
31. United Forces (Pt. I) [Live in Tokyo in 1999] [platinum edition bonus]
32. United Forces (Pt. II) [Live in Tokyo in 1999] [platinum edition bonus]
33. Ram It Up [1995 re-release bonus] [platinum edition bonus]

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There are few albums in metaldom that are such violent fun as Stormtroopers of Death's seminal Speak English Or Die. This is crossover at its finest with all the key ingredients merged into one awesome little thrashy soup.

As is to be expected from a hardcore-thrash hybrid the music is simple. Big fat groovy riffs compete with ridiculously fast sections to create a fun and moshy experience. There are no real solos either but then solos would not really fit into this sort of music.

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