Danzig - Danzig II - Lucifuge

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Release date: 26 June 1990
Style: Hard rock


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01. Long Way Back From Hell
02. Snakes Of Christ
03. Killer Wolf
04. Tired Of Being Alive
05. I'm The One
06. Her Black Wings
07. Devil's Plaything
08. 777
09. Blood And Tears
10. Girl
11. Pain In The World

Top 20 albums of 1990: 14

Glenn Allen "Glenn Danzig" Anzalone - vocals
Eerie Von - bass
John Christ - guitars
Chuck Biscuits - drums

Additional info
Recorded at Hollywood Sound Recorders, Larrabee Sound Studios, Summa Music Group.
Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York, NY.

Guest review by
Doc G.
Any Danzig fan who has Danzig loving friends has to experience the ongoing argument; "Danzig I", or "Lucifuge"? I thought I was pretty convinced on which one was my pick, until I studied "Lucifuge" to write this review...now I'm very conflicted.

I push play...in comes a slide down the fret board, followed by a few chords struck, it sounds as if we're about to spiral down into something dark and sinister. Enter in the fast paced high hat strikes, quickly followed by a steady chugging bass line, that's when you know this opening track is about to break into a driving hard-rock work of art. This has to be the perfect intro for this blues-soaked heap of dirty rock n' roll that's about to be thrown at you.

published 19.02.2008 | Comments (3)

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14.06.2011 - 10:29
Rating: 10
What a great album. I really appreciate the musicmanship of this album
26.09.2011 - 00:32
Rating: 9
Amazing follow up to their debut. I especially like '777' and the little rocker that is I'm the one.
06.01.2012 - 22:52
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
^ what a post full of drivel
and Wild Frontier blues rock?
Member of the true crusade against European Flower Metal

Yesterday is dead and gone, tomorrow is out of sight
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05.04.1963 - 15.12.1996

06.01.2012 - 22:57
Lost To Apathy
Written by I Eat God on 06.01.2012 at 22:13

By the way, there is only one good point of this album - It can cure anemia....

What, it can cure having a low red blood cell count? Surely it must be worth a 10 then? Idiot.
"Pay no heed to anyone and do what seems right to yourself." - Franz Kafka, The Trial
07.01.2012 - 09:04
Troy Killjoy
I prefer red rock to be honest. Blue rock just doesn't have the extremity I look for in music.
I have no memory of this place.
08.01.2012 - 01:45
Rating: 9
Angelic Storm
Dunno what the hell the convo above me is meant to be about, but "Lucifuge" is a great album, if not Danzig's best. "Long Way Back From Hell" was the first Danzig song I ever heard, and I'll admit, I found it hilarious at first because of the vocals. I was like "what the hell, it sounds like Elvis!"

Of course, in a short amount of time, I grew to love the vocals and the band, and this album is a fine piece of work. And "Blood And Tears" is one of the best ballads of all time.
29.01.2012 - 10:08
Danzig II- $12
Reading what someone that obviously has no idea what he's talking about wrote trying to trash one of your favorite artists in horrible broken english..priceless. This made my day.
Open your Mouth to my Bloody Reign!
29.01.2012 - 10:42
Rating: 10
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
Written by I Eat God on 06.01.2012 at 22:13

TO: Doc Godin,

Your quote " Recommended for anyone who enjoys blues influenced rock/metal " says it all. If this album was so good, then you should not be so unconfident to say that.

This album is a piece of crap. Glen ditched Misfits and formed Danzig was purely out for money ! due to 1985-1995 Blue Rock was very popular. Unfortunately he was doing something he was not good enough. He belongs to harcore punk, but not this.... Blue Rock (Pure Blue Rock, not even Blue Metal). The reason was simple, from outside of the packaging - To please their hardcore fans, but inside had been changed to Blue Rock in order to please those "general listeners" who cant accept metal music.

The music compositions were too easy....easy like the children songs. The "Blue" mood created was so pretentious ! (If I really want to listen to Real Blue Rock, why dont I listen to Gary Moore's Run For Cover, Wild Frontier, Still Got The Blue & After Hours ??). This album gave me a feeling of seeing a Satan head with a cat body. Glen's voice was awful, mainly due to not being capable to create "The Blue" at all.....whereas "Still want to Got The Blue"....Pathetic...., a lot of uncomfortable....strange Blue tone come out from his throat (not his mouth, I can imagine he never close his lips when he was singing).....I really out of words to describe it....in a simple words....IT IS A DISASTER !

If you listen to this album carefully, you will find out Glen also added some country's elements into some titles. When the country style of music composition and guitar appeared, I straight had goosebumps....."Garth Brooks is standing there and smiling at me...."(lyric taken from Black Sabbath's Black Sabbath).

Imagine....you got the most expensive and precious strawberry jam, Russian caviar, Italian hand made spagetti. Trying to mix them together, then put into your mouth....what would happen ? Vomit !!

By the way, there are 2 good points of this album -
1) It can cure insomnia.....if you suffer from insomnia, you are strongly advised to listen to it, you dont have to finish it.....first 20 mins you already fall into a deep sleep.
2) Generally this is a good album for Ringo (animation), can be the soundtrack of this animation, especially some of the country bluish titles.

How could this album being ranked No.12 in the Best of 1990. Year 1990 was a very competitive year, a lot of top albums actually produced in that year. If I could choose a Blue Rock album to replace this, I would definitely recommend Enuff z'nuff - Strength.

Rick Rubin wanted Glen so much at that time and proposed to sign him under Def Jam, but refused by Glen. Bless in Disguise....Rick could have suffered a big lost if the deal was on. Undoubtedly these four pieces of human beings got the looks (at that time.....not now), by the way, is Rick gay ?

1) Blues rock. Not blue rock. Bad english is one thing, but you even had the phrase spelled out for you above. You even quoted it for christ sakes.
2) Glenn. Not Glen. For such an expert on Danzig, you'd think you'd be capable of at least spelling his name right, maybe even once.

Anyways, now that I'm done being a grammar nazi...Not being blues rock? It's hard rock based off blues scales. Not even a matter of opinion. Fact. Whether you feel that bluesy feel is entirely your perspective. I can understand not enjoying the album, but the way you try to objectively put it down by complaining about it not sounding bluesy enough is silly. Most of the album is strictly based off of blues scales, also containing some key sounds like slide guitar. Therefore, if you even begin to try to present your argument in an objective manner, you're just flat-out wrong.


Your quote " Recommended for anyone who enjoys blues influenced rock/metal " says it all. If this album was so good, then you should not be so unconfident to say that.

I'm not entirely sure what the hell you even mean by this. I threw in rock/metal because I don't feel the "metal" tag applies to every song on this album. Regardless of what I tag it as, it doesn't negate the quality.


you can say I have bad english(That's why I cant be a music critic),

Not having a clue what you're talking about would be a pretty big hindrance as well, I can imagine.

As far as his departure from Misfits being money driven - that is entirely speculation. Yes, his music did get more melodic (not that much though), but from Danzig's side, he stated that he was frustrated with the bands inability to progress as musicians. That makes sense when you look at it - because Jerry Only is still playing with the same lack of skill he was playing with in the 80's. John Christ, Eerie Von, and Chuck Biscuits are all fantastic musicians, and most of the shit you hear on Danzig II could not be performed by the guys from The Misfits. Fact.

Boom. Goodnight.
"I got a lot of really good ideas, problem is, most of them suck."
- George Carlin
30.01.2012 - 23:14
Rating: 10
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
Written by I Eat God on 30.01.2012 at 21:59

To Dr. Godin,

You are a doctor, certainly you got better english !
Ok. I dont talk about anything about music influences here if you find what I said was rubbish, untrue.
There is one thing everyone has to agree - His vocal.
How could you stand him (Glenn not Glen) singing without closing his mouth ? sound like down syndrome people's singing ?? (No discremination to DS people here, just express the way I felt). He never sing that way in all other albums (I think he realized it was a Big Mistake). He is not singing....he is "bothering" me for almost 1 hour !

If you dont agree with this point then you are not Dr. Godin....You will become Dr. Deafin.

I wonder how you rate Danzig 1,2,3 & 4 ? ( I really want to know...)

Danzig 2, 1, 3, 4.

It's funny how you talk about his vocals sucking on this album, yet I've seen you praise both Danzig 3 and 4, while on both of those his vocals started making their decline. He has never been as strong vocally as on this album.


If you dont agree with this point then you are not Dr. Godin....You will become Dr. Deafin.

This is actually pretty ironic, considering Danzig IV (which you've stated being better than this), he is actually flat at a lot of points, when he doesn't miss notes entirely. It makes me wonder if either A) YOU are in fact tone deaf, or B) You've mixed this up with a different album. I like IV, but it's definitely his worst vocal performance out of the original 4. Lucifuge is easily the strongest vocal performance of his career.
"I got a lot of really good ideas, problem is, most of them suck."
- George Carlin
31.01.2012 - 14:11
Rating: 9
Angelic Storm
Written by I Eat God on 31.01.2012 at 13:40
I guess Dr, Godin and Angelic Storm are currently around 50-55 years old.

Nope, I'm not that old.
31.01.2012 - 18:08
Rating: 9
Angelic Storm
Written by I Eat God on 31.01.2012 at 17:02
When woman says "I am not that old" = "I am not that young".
according to Albert Einstein's Mathematic Theory : old = 55, young = 21, 55+21=76/2=38 +5(variance).

Your age should be around 38-42 !

Wrong again! I'm younger than that.
17.03.2012 - 02:49
Account deleted
Easily the BEST Danzig album!
03.05.2012 - 01:59
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Thank you to all who quoted those idiotic posts, now I have my entertainment for the night.
14:22 - Marcel Hubregtse
I do your mum
14.02.2014 - 22:12
Rating: 10
The best album with Glenn Danzig's name attached to it and by quite a distance. Sorry punksters, not a fan of the Misfits much, and Samhain was pretty bad. Lucifuge is the peak for Glenn, and quite a great album. The first 3 Danzig albums were him in his prime.

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