Release date: 26 August 2004
Style: Melodic death metal


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Volume 1

01. Titan Fall
02. Inspiration
03. Le Bestiaire Souterrain
04. Emmurement
05. Estampe Géopolitique
06. Amour Anthropophage
07. L' Antéchrist
08. Crimes, Tyrannie
09. Contemplation
10. Chair Organique
11. Bassiste De Coeur
12. Conte Fantasmagorique
13. Exsilium existentia

Volume 2

14. Into Perdition
15. La Marche Des Cornus
16. Eden massacre
17. Les lamentations Du Diable
18. Les empereurs Du Néant
19. Révisionniste
20. Intro To R.I.P.
21. Reborn Through Hate
22. Suicide Nation
23. Real Nature
24. L' Elite
25. Le scarabéide Bleu



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"Misanthrope" is one of the oldest extreme Metal bands from France, and also one of the most productive. "Misanthro-Therapie" is the 9th album of the band and certainly one of the most accomplished. This album will be sell in a box with a bonus live album of 52 mins and a DVD with interviews, backstage and all this kind of stuff. If you don't know the band, you must know that "Misanthrope" do a very original melodic death Metal with sometime some touch of Folk and all their lyrics are in French.

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