Rosae Crucis - Il Re Del Mondo

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Release date: 2008
Style: Heavy metal


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01. Sacrem Reformationem
02. Rosa Croce
03. La Chiesa
04. Contro Il Mio Destino
05. Il Signore Delle Tempeste
06. La Sacra Corona
07. Il Re Del Mondo
08. Ballo In Fa D Minore [Angelo Branduardi cover]

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Il Re Del Mondo is the re-recording of Rosae Crucis' first demo from way back in 1992, newly released on the Jolly Roger Records label. As they started out in 1990 they've been around in the Italian metal scene since quite some time now.

Rosae Crucis are described as true epic classic heavy metal by their label. Personally I would say they're like a perfect blend of the Spanish folksters Mägo de Oz (but with Italian vocals instead of Spanish (sounds the same to someone unfamiliar with both languages anyway) and minus the folk instruments) and the "kings" of metal; Manowar. Most of the music is really typical true heavy metal but also sometimes with more light-hearted parts or epic-sounding choruses. The Italian lyrics make a huge difference in terms of sound as well.

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