Buckethead - Island Of Lost Minds

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Release date: 19 March 2004
Style: Avantgarde metal, Electro industrial metal, Heavy metal, Experimental rock , Hard rock, Speed metal


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01. Island Of Lost Minds
02. Shock Therapy Side Show
03. Dream Darts
04. Vacuum Tube Implant
05. Skull Scrape
06. Ice Pick Through Eyes
07. Four Sided Triangle
08. Korova Binge Bar
09. Bruised Eye Sockets
10. Mud Of The Gutter
11. The Cuckoo Parade
12. Viravax
13. Lobotomizer (Scariest Rollercoaster Of All Time)

Brian Patrick ''Albert'' ''Buckethead'' Carroll - main performer, producer

Guest musicians
Dan ''Del Rey Brewer'' Monti - drums

Additional info
Produced, recorded and mixed by Dan Monti.
Recorded at Buckethead's Coop and the Del Rey Brewer Factory.

Guest review by
"Because of our equal opportunity hiring policies, there are many... well... troubled individuals working on the island, operating the rides and serving the food. Please be polite and exercise caution. Thank you and enjoy the music". -Inside sleeve of Island of Lost Minds

What does this babbling all mean? We're in Bucketheadland, of course. The twisted home of Buckethead's crazy imagination. Island of Lost Minds takes us there once again (this certainly isn't Buckethead's first amusement park themed album) with... Well, we'll call them "mixed" results.

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