Austere / Lyrinx - Only The Wind Remembers / Ending The Circle Of Life [Split] [EP]

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Release date: 23 May 2008
Style: Depressive black metal, Black metal


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01. Towards The Great Unknown
02. Only The Wind Remembers

03. No Failure In Suicide
04. Isolation

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Since a couple of years the Depressive Black metal scene has expanded quicker than a woman pregnant from five overweight babies. This is because the threshold for the genre is very low: after a couple of months a bedroom DBM act feels 'mature' enough to release a couple of demos and ep's and does so. For this sole reason, I am always very hesitant when it comes to checking out new bands from this genre as they usually turn out to be dull and generic mid-era Burzum rip-offs. Though sometimes a band pops up which, although they often don't do too well in the originality department, has something worthwhile in their sound, something we can refer to as a 'spark' or 'emotion'.

published 10.11.2008 | Comments (6)

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