Coffins / XXX Maniak - The Cracks Of Doom [Split] [EP]

Release date: May 2008
Style: Grindcore, Death metal


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XXX Maniak
01. Raping A Minor Of The White Race
02. Sweet Relief In The Masoleum
03. Raped By A Retard
04. Picking Up A Random Goregrind CD And Acting Out The Cover With The Girl Next Door
05. Worthless Hole
06. Skeleton Inside Her
07. Sandbox Sniffer
08. Aroused By The Rape Trail
09. Stabilize Her
10. Sludge Taster (Piercing The Pipes)
11. Smoking Sumerian Debris
12. Magician In The Bathrobe
13. Hot Nazi Sluts Have Hot Steaming Guts
14. Bludgeoned By A Human Body
15. Perpetually Exploding Uterus
16. Born Again Slut
17. Snorting Her Fumes
18. Grinded To Nothing
19. Balls Vs. Hatchet
20. Mouth You Don't Have To Feed

21. The Cracks Of Doom
22. Ebony Tears [Cathedral cover]

Additional info
CD by Creeping Vine Productions and limited to 1000 copies. 12" by Haunted Hotel Records with different artwork.

The Coffins cover version of Cathedrals "Ebony Tears" was also re-released by Blind Date Records (Germany) on 6-20-2009 . Limited version with wooden collection box and 190g white vinyl (100 hand numbered copies pressed) . Also available in a 185g black vinyl version without collection box ( 400 copies
pressed ).

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