Blind Guardian - Nightfall In Middle-Earth

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Release date: 24 April 1998
Style: Power metal


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01. War Of Wrath
02. Into The Storm
03. Lammoth
04. Nightfall
05. The Minstrel
06. The Curse Of Feanor
07. Captured
08. Blood Tears
09. Mirror Mirror
10. Face The Truth
11. Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns)
12. Battle Of Sudden Flame
13. Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)
14. The Dark Elf
15. Thorn
16. The Eldar
17. Nom The Wise
18. When Sorrow Sang
19. Out On The Water
20. The Steadfast
21. A Dark Passage
22. Final Chapter (Thus Ends...)
23. Nightfall [orchestral version] [Japanese bonus]
24. A Dark Passage [instrumental version] [Japanese bonus]
25. Harvest Of Sorrow [remastered edition bonus]

Top 20 albums of 1998: 3
Top 200 albums of all time: 93

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Power Metal and fantasy - dragons, magic and short, bearded fellows - have been walking hand in hand almost since the creation of the genre. Blind Guardian has strengthened this connection since their first album. Ten years after their initial release the genre-defining group returns with one of their most ambitious projects ever: a concept album based on the epic "Silmarillion" by J.R.R. Tolkien, one of the bands biggest influences. The result? Have they possibly managed to make something memorable and, most importantly, metal of the literary work? Hang on for the answer.

published 01.07.2007 | Comments (19)

Guest review by
Blind Guardian is an absolute star of Power Metal and their 1998 release 'Nightfall In Middle-Earth' is a monolithic work. Using the expression "left a mark" isn't enough. Of course this album has left a mark upon all who have listened to it and left a mark in the history of Power Metal and metal in general. And also literature, all in all, being like an asteroid leaving a crater.

published 01.10.2007 | Comments (12)

I'm about a month late for the exact anniversary, but Nightfall In Middle-Earth is 20 years old now, and for the last 10, it has been my favorite album of all time. Andre Olbrich's guitar solos, Hansi Kürsch's vocals, the songwriting, the production, the choirs, the drama, the emotion, the cover art, even the cavalcade of excessive interludes - just about every characteristic of this album is, for me, the gold standard by which that characteristic is measured in all other works of music. I can still clearly remember hearing "Nightfall" for the first time and thinking within the first ten seconds, "This is the perfect band for me." Ten years later, I feel the same sentiments I did that first time. Happy birthday, Nightfall. Happy anniversary, Bards of Metal.

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26.12.2016 - 16:21
Rating: 9
Well, so many negative comments up here, that's strange for such an excellent album that is also, by the way, around #100 in the top 200 of the best albums of all time on Metal Storm.
08.10.2017 - 23:32
Rating: 7
Damn these guys love interludes.
13.10.2017 - 20:45
Rating: 10
At best deranged
Written by DeathMetal on 08.10.2017 at 23:32

Damn these guys love interludes.

Haha yeah you're right. I don't mind those but I can see how it might be a bit too much for someone elses taste.

Personally I think this is their second best album (after Imaginations From The Other Side).
29.05.2018 - 23:19
The previous albums were better
By blood... Resurrection?
By body... Redemption?
By God... Domination?
By Pilate... Crucifixion!

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