Alice Cooper - Dragontown

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Release date: 2001
Style: Hard rock, Glam rock, Heavy metal


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01. Triggerman
02. Deeper
03. Dragontown
04. Sex, Death And Money
05. Fantasy Man
06. Somewhere In The Jungle
07. Disgraceland
08. Sister Sara
09. Every Woman Has A Name
10. I Just Wanna Be God
11. It's Much Too Late
12. I Am The Sentinel

Guest review by
Doc G.
Say what you want about Mr. Cooper, but the man knows how to keep up with the times. While it doesn't always work out to the best advantage, he always knows how to keep his signature sound in amongst this change.

Dragontown is the second part in his Brutal Planet saga which is based around the simple concept of morality and sin - the lyrical content of the album having the ability to be interpreted in many different ways. With this Brutal Planet saga we see the music of Alice Cooper ironically borrow a lot of different qualities from his successors in the shock rock genre. Any trace of the proto-punk sound that remained in Alice's music for quite some time is almost completely washed away and replaced by heavy metal riffs with a touch of industrial thrown in; a la Rob Zombie. The impressive part about this direction Alice has taken his music in is just how natural it sounds, as if he's been playing this style for ages. One song that sticks out as a great example of how comfortable Alice Cooper sounds with this type of music is the track "Disgraceland" - a dark humoured tale about Elvis Presley, where he manages to combine rockabilly, heavy metal, and the previously mentioned touch of industrial, all put together seamlessly. Though there's nothing groundbreaking about any aspects of the album, the production and musicianship is damn near flawless - nothing seems out of place, no instruments dominate annoyingly over one another.

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Staff review by
Alice Cooper boldly announced his continued relevance in the 21st century with the scathing, murderous Brutal Planet - an unprecedentedly heavy album that told us all to sit down, shut up, and hope for death. Sensing the pure genius of this formula, Alice dredged up from hell another album's worth of material done in the same style. Dragontown is another brutal slideshow of death and destruction laid overtop cold, industrial riffs, and therefore should be examined primarily as a counterpart to Brutal Planet.

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19.12.2009 - 16:45
Rating: 8
Heaven Knight
The first album i have bought was very cheap, so why not to give it a try, eh? this is how my CD collection have started, on Thursday it was one year
So behold the flight of the sapphire dragon
soaring through the skies once again

06.09.2011 - 17:00
Rating: 9
I really like this cooper album....very nice!

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