Carpathian Forest - Fuck You All!!!! Caput Tuum In Ano Est

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Release date: 19 June 2006
Style: Black metal


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01. Vi Åpner Porten Til Helvete...
02. The Frostbitten Woodlands Of Norway
03. Start Up The Incinerator (Here Comes Another Useless Fool)
04. Submit To Satan!!!
05. Diabolism (The Seed And The Sower)
06. Dypfryst / Dette Er Mitt Helvete
07. Everyday I Must Suffer
08. The First Cut Is The Deepest
09. Evil Egocentrical Existencialism
10. Shut Up, There Is No Excuse To Live

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And again they have done it. Just like their mates from Darkthrone. If you would ask me who today's carriers of the Black Metal flame are, those would be the aforementioned Darkthrone and Carpathian Forest. Both of them keep releasing records that piss people off. And even better, the people that are being pissed off now are the same ones that used to enjoy pissing off others back in the day. That's irony for you.

published 20.02.2008 | Comments (7)

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