Swallow The Sun - New Moon

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Release date: 4 November 2009
Style: Melodic death metal, Melodic doom metal


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01. These Woods Breathe Evil
02. Falling World
03. Sleepless Swans
04. And Heavens Cried Blood
05. Lights On The Lake (Horror Pt. III)
06. New Moon
07. Servant Of Sorrow
08. Weight Of The Dead

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Release dates:

04 Nov: Finland
09 Nov: UK
10 Nov: N. America

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If three words were to describe one of my favorite bands from Finland then this specific act has done it before in a far better way, it's all about "Gloom, Beauty And Despair". I'm referring to Swallow The Sun and I never thought they would ever surpass themselves after The Morning Never Came, well, to tell the truth I liked their course so far, yet I've always concidered their debut album to be their most expressive work. And then came New Moon, no, I don't think it's better than their first work in terms of atmosphere, but it justifies its existence as their most important work since then, bringing the band in the game once again, stronger and more mature.

published 17.10.2010 | Comments (6)

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06.01.2010 - 02:57
Liver Failure

Posts: 2955
From: Brazil

Dare to say. Best Swallow The Sun album imo.

The production is perfect, and the vocals better than ever.

Im not a huge fan of their discography, only a couple of good songs for album. This is the best to me

member of the true crusade against old school heavy metal, early 80s thrash, NWOBHM, traditional doom, first and second wave black metal, old school death metal, US power metal, 70s prog rock and atmospheric doomsludgestoner. o/
01.02.2010 - 11:29
Rating: 10
lord artan

Posts: 292
From: Iran

Best album...and i love forever swallow the sun...
15.02.2010 - 02:43
Rating: 9

Posts: 63
From: Canada

Best STS album recorded thus far.
03.04.2010 - 22:52
Rating: 8
Au Pays Natal

Posts: 4419
From: USA

I am not a big doom metal fan but this album has just enough progressive and melodic moments to keep me interested.... 8/10
19.04.2010 - 05:26
Rating: 9

Posts: 11
From: USA
This album really just hit me, very beautiful and epic, each song is like an awesome story.
16.08.2010 - 10:12
Aleister Kinski

Posts: 71
From: Peru

Title of the album scared me, lol. Its a great album but i wouldnt say its better than TMNC or GOL.
19.09.2010 - 22:20
Rating: 10
lord artan

Posts: 292
From: Iran

I do not know whether this beautiful group could make an album?
Lights On The Lake...This song is undoubtedly a masterpiece this album
The group will not ever forget
10.05.2011 - 10:28
Rating: 9

Posts: 44
From: Greece
I wouldnt say thasts their best, but the albums that rly deserve that position imo are this and their 2nd, although they are all almost equally good.
15.06.2012 - 02:28

Posts: 6
From: Brazil

20.06.2012 - 12:26
Rating: 10

Posts: 4
From: Iran

Swalllow the sun more than a doom/death metal band
11.07.2012 - 06:19
Rating: 8
Shadow King

Posts: 1260
From: USA

I love this album, it's fantastic, though I actually like their new album a tad bit more. That's just me though.
...And so death to the falsity of thy former rulers. Thy kingdom of "heaven" burns in a field of fire, and Dentura is the one true God thou must yield thy hearts and souls to in absolute submission. It is his ultimate decree and will unto thee..
01.07.2013 - 01:05
Rating: 10

Posts: 165
From: Russia

Cold apocalyptic darkness delivers us this amazing album...
22.08.2013 - 16:49
Rating: 10

Posts: 3
From: Turkey

Best STS album, i love it!
03.03.2014 - 07:39
Rating: 9

Posts: 512
From: USA
There is no way the lyrics to These Woods Breath Evil is not a reference to Twin Peaks.

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