Valkyrja - The Invocation Of Demise

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Release date: 20 July 2007
Style: Black metal


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01. Origin Reversed!
02. As Everything Rupture
03. Plague Death
04. The Vigil
05. Twilight Revelation
06. On Stillborn Wings
07. Sinister Obsession
08. Purification And Demise
09. Frostland

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If you really want to screw with someone not into metal, hack into their laptop and replace the files of their favorite group with this album. Next time they want to listen to Lady GaGa they'll be treated instead to a good face-melting that will scar them. Forever.

Valkyrja excel at ferocity. Around since 2004, this group is a breath of fresh air in the, in my humble opinion, stale Swedish scene. This album melds intensity, speed, and melody in a blizzard of blast beats, crushing riffs, and well-executed leads, and isn't afraid to mix things up.

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