Katatonia - Night Is The New Day

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Release date: 2 November 2009
Style: Alternative rock


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01. Forsaker
02. The Longest Year
03. Idle Blood
04. Onward Into Battle
05. Liberation
06. The Promise Of Deceit
07. Nephilim
08. New Night
09. Inheritance
10. Day And Then The Shade
11. Departer
12. Ashen [Swedish and special tour edition bonus]
13. Sold Heart [special tour edition bonus]
14. Day And Then The Shade [Frank Default remix] [special tour edition bonus]
15. Idle Blood [Linje 14] [special tour edition bonus]

The Best Gothic Metal Album Of 2009

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Dane Train
There has been a lot of buzz about the new album, Night is the New Day, by Katatonia and I honestly have to say that I was looking forward to this release. My first exposure to the band was their previous studio release, 2006's The Great Cold Distance, which enticed me more than a fat kid in a candy store. So naturally I was excited to hear another album from a band who had captured my attention a few years ago.

published 02.12.2009 | Comments (84)

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30.06.2010 - 19:20
Account deleted
Not sure why I was so dismissive of this release, I'm really enjoying it now, more so than The Great Cold Distance. It's not quite at the height of Viva Emptiness but this is only my second listen through so who knows how I'll feel in the future. I'm even getting used to that faux-metal guitar sound which so put me off the first time. The emphasis on the slower, more atmospheric passages and some fantastic orchestration is quite something. And there's the vocals which are just incredible. Anyone who thinks Jonas' clean singing is poor obviously hasn't heard this album. He's improved immensely.
29.08.2010 - 20:51
It Is One Of The Best Album I've Ever Heard!
Love, Woe And Freezing Are Everything That This Album Is Talking About.
29.08.2010 - 21:56
Rating: 9
Au Pays Natal
This is the first Katatonia album I've ever listened to. Wow, the production is sooooo good. I love his voice, love the cellos and violins and synths, and ambiant noises. So close to giving this album a 10!
01.10.2010 - 01:14
Account deleted
Probably one of the best albums of the decade, and one of my favourites ever (along with the unforgettable "Brave Murder Day" and "The Great Cold Distance"). No words to describe it... 10 isn't enough.
27.06.2011 - 04:56
Rating: 7
I didnt like it as much as their earlier albums for some reason. I actually think Jonas singing has gotten worse on this album.
23.02.2012 - 13:41
Rating: 6
Metal Addict
I found this album very tedious and most of the songs unmemorable (except for Idle Blood, Day And Then The Shade and couple of moments in other songs). My opinion is, while production keeps getting better, in terms of songwriting Katatonia is going downhill since Viva Emptiness.
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08.03.2012 - 03:40
Rating: 10
Written by Guest on 01.10.2010 at 01:14

Probably one of the best albums of the decade, and one of my favourites ever (along with the unforgettable "Brave Murder Day" and "The Great Cold Distance"). No words to describe it... 10 isn't enough.

I definitely agree with you, even if all too many wouldn't. If the new release is even close to as good as this one I'll be more than satisfied.
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29.05.2012 - 02:01
Rating: 6
I think one of the biggest problems with this album is the tracklisting, which is very inconsistent and doesn't flow well. So I tried switching around a bit and found one that makes the album flow really well:

1. Forsaker, 2. Inheritance, 3. Nephilim, 4. Day and then the Shade, 5. Idle Blood, 6. The Promise of Deceit, 7. The Longest Year, 8. Liberation, 9. Onward Into Battle, 10. New Night, 11. Departer

Give it a try
29.09.2012 - 02:03
Rating: 9
Secundum Filium
Such a great release, it is in fact my first Katatonia album. I have since explored and loved everything else in their catalogue, but this is still one that I enjoy returning to every so often. In fact, it's one of my favorite albums of all time. Love this band.
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22.12.2012 - 21:07
Rating: 7
Combo Breaker
Inheritance - for me the strongest point of this album. Dammit, it's great.
22.05.2013 - 19:19
Rating: 10
NITND was my first Katatonia release, and it was shit. I then listened to it two years later when my taste had mellowed a bit, and it was god-like.

DEK came out and I hastened to get it, and it too, was god-like.
I then discovered that Katatonia was not a new band and proceeded to get it all, seeing that BMD, VE and TGCD seemed to be the most popular here on MS, I hoped that I had only just sampled Katatonia, unfortunately (though VE and TGCD is awesome), NITND is still the best.

Departer is so heartbreaking, sometimes i think Jonas really did lose his brother when i listen to it, that and Day And Then The Shade are my fav sogs.
14.05.2014 - 21:59
Rating: 8
The Eternal
Something in this album made me lovin' it, I'm not sure about it, but this album is good, good enough to listening to it. It's the first album I've ever listened by Katatonia.
15.11.2014 - 12:11
Rating: 8
Not bad but their worst album till then (havent listened to their newest yet)... the only song i like a lot is "The Longest Year"..
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