Repulsion - Horrified

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Release date: 29 May 1989
Style: Grindcore


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Disc I
01. The Stench Of Burning Death
02. Eaten Alive
03. Acid Bath
04. Slaughter Of The Innocent
05. Decomposed
06. Radiation Sickness
07. Splattered Cadavers
08. Festering Boils
09. Pestilent Decay
10. Crematorium
11. Driven To Insanity
12. Six Feet Under
13. Bodily Dismemberment
14. Repulsion
15. The Lurking Fear
16. Black Breath
17. Maggots In Your Coffin
18. Horrified

Disc II
01. Armies Of The Dead [Toxic Metal demo]
02. Satan's Whores [Toxic Metal demo]
03. Crack Of Doom [Toxic Metal demo]
04. Armies Of The Dead [Violent Death demo]
05. Six Feet Under [Violent Death demo]
06. Violent Death [Violent Death demo]
07. The Lurking Fear [Violent Death demo]
08. Crack Of Doom [Violent Death demo]
09. Horrified [Violent Death demo]
10. The Stench Of Burning Death [The Stench Of Burning Death demo]
11. Decomposed [The Stench Of Burning Death demo]
12. Slaughter Of The Innocent [The Stench Of Burning Death demo]
13. Eaten Alive [The Stench Of Burning Death demo]
14. Six Feet Under [The Stench Of Burning Death demo]
15. Crypt Of Terror [The Stench Of Burning Death demo]
16. The Lurking Fear [The Stench Of Burning Death demo]
17. Festering Boils [The Stench Of Burning Death demo]
18. Pestilent Decay [The Stench Of Burning Death demo]
19. Black Nightmare [The Stench Of Burning Death demo]
20. Bodily Dismemberment [The Stench Of Burning Death demo]
21. Horrified [The Stench Of Burning Death demo]
22. Radiation Sickness [Genocide live 5/14/86]
23. Black Breath [Genocide live 5/14/86]
24. Excruciation [Excruciation EP/demo]
25. Helga (Lost Her Head) [Excruciation EP/demo]
26. Rebirth [Excruciation EP/demo]
27. House Of Freaks [Excruciation EP/demo]
28. Depraved [1991 final demo]
29. Face of Decay [1991 final demo]
30. Something Dead [1991 final demo]

Top 20 albums of 1989: 19

Additional info
Re-released on Relapse Records in 2003 with different artwork and a bonus CD including rarities.

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11.09.2011 - 21:42
Account deleted
Wicked grind.
20.05.2012 - 04:57
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Written by Guest on 11.09.2011 at 21:42

Wicked grind.


Checkout my band here!
14.06.2013 - 13:54
Rating: 9
Probably one of the best Grindcore albums I've ever heard.
03.08.2013 - 17:15
Account deleted
Nasty grind.
The solos just tear at me.
14.12.2013 - 13:55
Account deleted
Cannot wait to see these guys at Temples. Think I'm going to lose a few teeth.
26.07.2014 - 19:05
Account deleted
The remastered version of this album sounds devastating.
17.08.2014 - 20:39
Dr. Strawberry
It was punk-orientated originally which can be seen obviously on the cover art, but later was distorted by changing the cover art to make it more like a death album. What the hell...
12.03.2018 - 04:07
Esoteric Zachism

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