Ex Deo - Romulus

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Release date: 19 June 2009
Style: Symphonic death metal


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01. Romulus
02. Storm The Gates Of Alesia [feat. Nergal]
03. Cry Havoc
04. In Her Dark Embrace
05. Invictus
06. The Final War (Battle Of Actium) [feat. Karl Sanders]
07. Legio XIII
08. Blood, Courage And The Gods That Walk The Earth
09. Cruor Nostri Abbas [feat. Obsidian C.]
10. Surrender The Sun
11. The Pantheon (Jupiter's Reign)

Staff review by
Baz Anderson
Epic Melodic Death metal
Nuclear Blast
Length: 1:01:41

Ex Deo is Maurizio Iacono of Kataklysm fame's new little toy. Lets face it though, he probably got drunk one night and thought "yeah - lets do some really epic album, because that's popular at the moment, and lets make it completely not generic at all." Well guess what, the first album from this project Romulus is the most generic thing since taking the tedious walk to the toilet and back.

published 29.08.2009 | Comments (37)

Guest review by
Since this album is rated so low, I think there is need of someone claiming the positive side of Romulus by Ex Deo. As we all know, this is a side project of the Kataklysm members led by vocalist Maurizio Iacono. At first it is important to state that this is not Kataklysm, but a different band. The vocals consist a lot more of the epic screams of Maurizio Iacono and we have a second guitar played by Kataklysm-bassist Stephane Barbe. The maybe biggest difference is the use of keyboards in this new band.

published 30.01.2011 | Comments (2)

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11.03.2012 - 23:49
Rating: 5
Cyborg Raptor
Very Mediocre album. Being into Melodic/Symphonic/Folk/Epic and obscurely themed Metal i was very excited for this release.

I mean cmon ROMAN METAL how cool does that sound?? Well it could be cool but theres only one band in this genre and... Ex Deo makes Roman Metal sound like shit. this album Incredibly slow, boring and generic album that tries to be epic but just ends up sounding weak. Kataklysm shuld stay away from any genre that isnt Death Metal... actually maybe these guys shouldnt be making music at all.

Positive note: I commend them for their creativity to come up with this project. The lyrics and theme is definitely interesting. They made that cool 300 style music video which ill admit was fuckn sick. TBH this album couldve been worse but its still not very good.
pewpew.. gotcha
28.04.2012 - 20:07
Rating: 9
Why does everyone talk so much shit about this album? It's actually really good!!!

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