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Release date: 8 February 2010
Style: Suomi metal


6.7 | 130 votes


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Disc I
01. In Venere Veritas
02. Scared To Death
03. Heartkiller
04. Dying Song
05. Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness)
06. Love, The Hardest Way
07. Katherine Wheel
08. In The Arms Of Rain
09. Ode To Solitude
10. Shatter Me With Hope
11. Acoustic Funeral (For Love In Limbo)
12. Like St. Valentine
13. The Foreboding Sense Of Impending Happiness

Disc II [Limited Edition]
Acoustic versions of all songs

Lyrics (13)

Guest review by

You know what really sucks? You're out with some unfortunate suckers friends, and you see some pretty girl standing in some line. She looks mighty fine from the profile, and she's just about your height (a major plus if you're kinda short for your age). And so you try to elbow, claw and bite your way through the crowd to make a move. You slowly approach, thinking of something to say... and then she turns around. Lo and behold, she's wearing a HIM shirt. Why, why, why? Can't she just listen to Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga or something? And so you sadly turn away, cursing.

published 21.07.2011 | Comments (24)

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hanna of steel - 12.01.2010 at 00:36  
  Hmmm..... I hope the other tracks are much better than Heartkiller .
soadbyob - 12.01.2010 at 02:03  
  Just saw Heartkiller, eagerly awaiting this album
AnGina-- - 17.01.2010 at 22:56  
  Pretty much they're starting where they ended with Venus Doom, Heartkiller is without doubt a very radio-friendly song (like Wings Of A Butterfyl was for example), I love it (I mean, I'm brainwashed by HIM, how could I not), but still hope the rest of the album is harder to digest. I disliked Venus Doom at first, love it now and I think it's acually a very underrated album. So, keeping my fingers crossed Screamworks will be a sucessful progeny of VD.
Roro - 18.01.2010 at 16:01  
  Waiting.... though i didnt like Venus doom that much, but still i love him =)
zaL - 24.01.2010 at 19:17  
Rating: 9 The song Like St. Valentine is pretty catchy too I think. I like it though, the video was released recently.. I think I like it better than Heartkiller.
Irinel - 25.01.2010 at 13:42  
  If the all other songs will sound like heartkiller , HIM's place is not on metalstorm anymore ...
Roro - 08.02.2010 at 15:45  
Lapkritis - 09.02.2010 at 19:28  
Rating: 5 Worst HIM album... I was shocked xD
AnGina-- - 10.02.2010 at 00:00  
  I'm so hooked on The Foreboding Sense Of Impending Happiness I'm.... spceehcless. Can't rate the album quite yet, since I need to give it some more listenings, but so far Dying Song, Katherine Wheel, Shatter Me With Hope and of course the amazing The Foreboding Sense Of Impending Happiness are my faves.

Why am I not surprised this album got such lousy grades again.... Grow up people.
Irinel - 10.02.2010 at 13:01  
  This is the biggest shit launched by them ! VERY, VERY, VERY DISAPPOINTED !
INÆRIS - 15.02.2010 at 07:06  
Rating: 7 I like this album. It's no Razorblade Romance, but I would never call it shit. Valo is a genius.
AnGina-- - 19.02.2010 at 12:21  
  I grew fond to this album after all the listening, and have to say I don't feel any disappointments at all. After DS&BH I needed time to get into their albums, especially Venus Doom - it seemed so blank to me when I first heard it, and now I absolutely love it. Screamworks is everything HIM is, it's closest to Dark Light IMHO, lighter than Venus Doom, and less catchy than DS&BH or Love Metal. But that's the beauty of it, song such as In Venere Veritas, Scared To Death, Katherine Wheel, Dying Song represent everything this band is about. And of course, The Foreboding Sense Of Impending Happiness, that came out totally unexpected, even for the band, is an amazing piece of something more experimental, but overall so mesmerizing it takes my breath away listening to it. Love,love,love that song, and even tho I'm not as teenager anymore, I still get shivers down my spine hearing Ville Valo singing, he's such an amazing vocalist and keeps getting better and better at it.
Enemy of Reality - 27.02.2010 at 17:43  
Rating: 4 HIM decreases quality from record to record...i used to love these guys
Darkside - 12.03.2010 at 00:00  
Rating: 9 I already have my fav song. in the arms of rain is good stuff, i admit that the old him was better, but i'm not so single minded to pretend that a group remains the same for 20 years till i'm a fat with a black t-shirt and long hair arguing about singers and that...
i'm happy that they still exist, same for 69eyes
Chris Steele - 14.03.2010 at 16:25  
Rating: 8 Uuhm.. this is a pop rock album, not a metal album
Shadowcross - 16.03.2010 at 15:27  
Rating: 8 I like this album but find Screamworks is very stylistically different to the previous album Venus Doom.
I preferred Venus Doom's heavier, deeper and grittier side, and felt that album was the best HIM album in recent years.
Tracks like Scared To Death, Heartkiller, Dying Song and Katherine Wheel are very poppy and give a nod to what this band has been doing since Razorblade Romance, and still doing it much better than on Dark Light.
All in all this band has changed very little and those who say otherwise either didn't know their music to begin with, wrote them off to begin with or have fallen out with the band due to their 'popular' status or image.
Italics - 23.03.2010 at 08:57  
Rating: 6 Lots of people will complain about this b/c it's actually catchy... eh, screw them.

Well, it's a huge improvement over "Venus Doom" IMO - an album that just tried way too damn hard.

Most of the songs on "Screamworks I either:
A) Absolutely love, or
B) never listen to

Lots of filler on this album, but the songs that aren't filler are fantastic. A step in the right direction I'd say...
Cassian - 03.04.2010 at 16:52  
  This is an extraordinarily amazing album by HIM! I didn't expect this much enjoyment. Venus Doom is good, but Screamworks is even better, much better to be objective. All the songs are accessible, radio-friendly without being lack of creativity.

Fully recommended.
Întunecatul - 11.12.2010 at 13:03  
Rating: 6 Can't really say it's bad,but this album is not a metal album
Irinel - 11.02.2011 at 15:45  
Written by Întunecatul on 11.12.2010 at 13:03

Can't really say it's bad,but this album is not a metal album

isn't bad ? what the hell to you know about metal ? this album is pure shit !
Irinel - 11.02.2011 at 15:46  
  Pure shit !
Întunecatul - 11.02.2011 at 16:47  
Rating: 6
Written by Irinel on 11.02.2011 at 15:45

Written by Întunecatul on 11.12.2010 at 13:03

Can't really say it's bad,but this album is not a metal album

isn't bad ? what the hell to you know about metal ? this album is pure shit !

I said it isn't metal, as a rock album it is kinda over the average
fosi - 31.03.2011 at 13:56  
  HIM lost it a long time ago...
Coolingsrock - 21.07.2011 at 20:03  
  Funny how its either this is the best record ever by him or complete shit to everyone. Making me wanna give it a chance.....but i won't.
Cassian - 18.05.2012 at 06:29  
  Remember, you listen to HIM because you want to listen to "pop metal" music. Don't complain about their style because it has been the same since Dark Light, and that's one of the reason why I listen to them. Their music is very catchy indeed, and it's nice to have something poppy and completely accessible along with Arch Enemy and Soilwork in my collection. I myself prefer this album to Venus Doom.
AngelofDeth - 10.07.2012 at 09:43  
  Finally checked this out and WTF

The emo/core scene has obviously got a hold of HIM and the influence is seeping from this album. Theyve been going downhill since DarkLight but I could at least salvage a few songs from each new album, this Im not even going to bother checking out a second time.

makes me wanna puke when I hear this shit
RealEyes - 17.05.2013 at 20:51  
  This release made me hate this band. the worst album i have heard from them. the same sound with cheap riffs .
Zadion - 15.06.2013 at 07:51  
Rating: 6 I don't understand how everyone is comparing this to Dark Light. Dark Light is HIM's best album by a long shot, but this was pretty disappointing. I suppose the sound is sort of similar, but Dark Light is so much catchier and has a far stronger gothic rock vibe.

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