Sybreed - The Pulse Of Awakening

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Release date: 23 November 2009
Style: Groove thrash metal, Industrial metal


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01. Nomenklatura
02. A.E.O.N.
03. Doomsday Party
04. Human Black Box
05. KillJoy
06. I Am Ultraviolence
07. Electronegative
08. In The Cold Light
09. Lucifer Effect
10. Love Like Blood [Killing Joke cover]
11. Meridian A.D.
12. From Zero To Nothing
13. Flesh Doll For Sale [Japanese bonus]

Additional info
Nov 16 - Switzerland, France, Benelux, UK
Nov 20 - Germany
Nov 23 - rest of Europe

The US release date is planned for Jan/Feb 2010 but the album will be available for digital download this winter.

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For all intents and purposes, Sybreed is a Swiss Fear Factory ie. cyber groove metal but with the particular Swiss flavor of terribly pronounced English lyrics. The Pulse Of Awakening even also features a faithful Killing Joke cover.

Luckily, the vocalist's accent isn't the only thing that distinguishes Sybreed from their American inspiration. A profound appreciation of EBM and modern synth-pop (think Assemblage 23) can be heard throughout The Pulse Of Awakening in both the obligatory melodic refrains of songs such as "Nomenklatura" and "Meridian AD" and the general structure of the more moody tracks such as "In Cold Light" and "From Zero To Nothing". Sybreed also explores the more extreme inclinations of label-mates The Amenta on "I Am Ultraviolence" and the deconstructed riffs of Meshuggah and Gojira in numerous songs.

published 08.12.2009 | Comments (10)

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15.03.2011 - 20:52
Account deleted
So underrated...
In my opinion it's a step up from Antares, such powerful and more matured songwriting...if you can get over the atrocious vocals, this one's a doozy.
02.09.2011 - 08:17
Rating: 10
Garth Vader
Written by Guest on 15.03.2011 at 20:52

So underrated...
In my opinion it's a step up from Antares, such powerful and more matured songwriting...if you can get over the atrocious vocals, this one's a doozy.

I agree, the album is amazing and while I initially found the vocals "drone-like" after a few listens it all came together for me and now I love the album. Looking forward to the new one!
Now I so clearly see how I have murdered me
27.04.2012 - 22:04
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The vocals are indeed terrible but I wouldn't change them regardless. They're weirdly charming. This album is definitely a guilty pleasure kind of album.

Actually the singer kind of sounds like he's deaf. You know when deaf people try to talk it comes out in very nasal, indistinct sounds. Yeah.
05.10.2012 - 22:13
Rating: 8
I also had problems with the vocals on this album, but I can't understand the bashing he gets from some here. I think he has great potential and a great ambience/fulness in his voice, very 80s electropop-like. But he has two problems- the english pronunciation- and focus-sometimes he is sniveling/swallowing the words. It didn't bother me on Antares, but here it really does.
Musically this is a qualitative rollercoaster, and I give it 7.5. The good thing about this band is they have interesting riffing, and they constantly suprise-unlike Fear Factory-whom I also love- who keeps churning out the same riffs over and over the latter years..
29.04.2018 - 15:19
Rating: 9
I agree that its underated, maybe even misunderstood. Oddly the vocals don't bother me at all, i find them somewhat fitting to the lyrics, about suffering, delusion, frustration, opression, violence. It's a step down from Anatres, and closer to "Slave Design", the songs are mechanical and driving. I like this album a lot!

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