Necros Christos - Triune Impurity Rites

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Release date: 3 July 2007
Style: Black metal, Death metal


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01. Nekros Kristos (Temple IX.99)
02. Daemonomantic Fog Lay Upon The Tombs Of Succoth
03. Kischuf (Temple VIII)
04. Christ Was Not Of Goatborn Blood
05. Nam Ignis Est Umbra Locorum Infernorum (Temple VII)
06. Tormented Flesh On The Mount Of Crucifixion
07. Gate I: Das Schwarze Wasser Der Toten
08. Ora Pro Nobis (Temple VI)
09. Last Rite Of Christ
10. In Love With Ereskigal (Temple V)
11. Va Koram Do Rex Satan
12. Voragem Mortis (Temple IV)
13. Black Mass Desecration
14. Gate II: Offenbarungen Der Mayrim
15. Damnation Worship (Temple III)
16. Impure Burials Prevail
17. Necromancing The Ghost (Temple II)
18. Deathless In Spiritual Evil
19. Conquering Tell Al-Mutesallim (Temple I)
20. Triune Impurity Rites: I. Skulldoom Of Sumer (Darkness)
21. Triune Impurity Rites: II. Nazarethical Ram Of Bethlehem (Damnation)
22. Triune Impurity Rites: III. Blasphemous Graves Open At The End Of Days (Death)
23. Gate III: Im Schatten Des Zikkurath

Additional info
Full title is "'Triune Impurity Rites' or: The Grand 9 Cultmysteries of the
Templum Necromantorum."

1-6: The Three Cultmysteries according to the Torments of the Damned
8-13: The Three Cultmysteries according to the Ceremonies of Goetia
15-22: The Three Cultmysteries according to the Rites of Necro-Demonomancy

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When your list of personnel consists of members named "Mors Dalos Ra (vocals, guitarist, keyboards)", "The Evil N. (guitars)", "Black Shepherd Ov Doom (bass)" and "Mister Raelin (drums)", it is hard for me not to dismiss you as a retarded joke band. My silly prejudices, perhaps, but I simply have encountered too many of these bands. Attach the band name Necros Christos to those stage nicknames, however, and you've got a whole different story. Because Necros Christos rules as fuck. Triune Impurity Rites is their first full-length.

published 10.09.2009 | Comments (11)

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