Circle Of Dead Children - Human Harvest

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Release date: 2003
Style: Grindcore


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01. A Family Tree To Hang From
02. We Wear The Gimp Mask
03. Salt Rock Eyes
04. Bring Her A Mushroom Cloud Pt. 1
05. No Tolerance For Silence
06. Destiny Of The Slug
07. Sleepwalker
08. Harvest At Dawn (Enter Fertility)
09. Corsage Of Fresh Meat And Rotted Pride
10. Oak And Iron
11. Mother Pig
12. Rocket
13. King Cobra Vs Queen Bee
14. Buzzard Blizzard
15. White Trash Headache
16. Shadow Of The Narcissist
17. Bring Her A Mushroom Cloud Pt. 2
18. My Supernatural (Bell Ring Slowly)
19. Alkaline

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Grindcore is a Metal genre that most times is related to Gore, Rotting corpses, virulent diseases and such stuff that early carcass and related bands are or used to sing about. Well here it is a band that has a lot of Grindcore elements in it's music, but, there is practically 0 gore in it's lyrical content, the lyrics are incredibly well thought and have a great conceptual structure.

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