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Self-Inflicted Violence - A Perception Of Matter And Energy

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Release date: 1 December 2009
Style: Black metal, Post-rock


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01. Liquids
02. Artificial Phenomenon
03. Eugenics
04. A Mental Cancer II
05. Comfort In Insomnia
06. Realisation

Staff review by
Self-Inflicted Violence is, and this shouldn't surprise anyone, Depressive Black metal. The current line-up of this British twin-headed monster consists of "1,4,1,13" and "V11". So uhm... yeah... No, wait. Seriously. What the fuck is up with people not being able to think of proper stage names these days? Is 'Necrobutcher' not good enough anymore these days for all you damned hippies? What about 'Blasphemer'? Or 'Dead', for christ's sake. Or damned 'Caller of the Storms' if you must, but V-fucking-11?! What are you trying to say here? Ahum. Depressive Black metal. You hate yourself so you shouldn't really be bothered if I hate you as well, right? Well, I don't really hate you as such, but come on.

published 15.12.2009 | Comments (14)

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