Primal Fear - Nuclear Fire

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Release date: 15 January 2001
Style: Power metal


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01. Angel In Black
02. Kiss Of Death
03. Back From Hell
04. Now Or Never
05. Fight The Fire
06. Eye Of An Eagle
07. Bleed For Me
08. Nuclear Fire
09. Iron Fist In A Velvet Glove
10. Red Rain
11. Fire On The Horizon
12. Living For Metal

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The new Power Metal generation is here. This new kind of Power Metal doesn't use so much melodies as the classical Power Metal made by bands like Rhapsody or Stratovarius, it use more powerful guitars and it's, in general, faster and more powerful. This new kind of Power Metal is which we'll hear in bands like Iron Savior, Hibria or, of course, Primal Fear.

published 29.05.2007 | Comments (4)

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31.03.2016 - 18:22
Rating: 7
Good album in overall, but just barely, because it has many fillers. About half of these songs get a one way ticket to Skip City and won't be missed. On the other hand, songs like "Angel In Black" and "Nuclear Fire" are better than most of what the band has ever done. And while the vocals sound good for majority of the album, I gotta agree with UltraBoris from MA on the vocals being awful when Ralf tries to go too high and does that too often IMO.
The guitar is my sword, I'll fight 'til I die /../
29.06.2016 - 19:43
Rating: 4
Ten years ago (when I was 16) Primal Fear was the shit. I Loved them with all my heart. Now when I got older and wiser I more and more start to dislike them, they are not a bad band but compared to many other A-class power metal bands they just don't cut it for the most part. This album is a good example of that. They are ripping of Painkiller (the album and the song) more times than I can count and Klaus Sperling is like the Lars Ulrich of power metal, he's playing is so mindless and safe and when he tries to put some new spin to it it just comes of as amateurish and desperate. I really should slug on Mat Sinner as well, but since you can't hear the bass on the album I save it for another time.

Are there anything good here then, well yeah luckily we get some good stuff. The title track, Angel in Black and Red Rain are pretty good sing along tunes and Iron Fist In A Velvet Glove does bring out the best of them where they actually tries something a little different.

So in conclusion the album is predictable, poorly mixed and lacks any kind of flow. it's not the worst power metal you can find but you can save a few on skipping this one.

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